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Doctor Who Story 290 – Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

Good moustache, glowing eyes guy.

So many great moustaches.

It’s the guy from Hustle. Whose brother is Gene Hunt.

Is that the spider lady from “Runaway Bride?”

Apparently the spider is Anjli Mohindra who played Rani in Sarah Jane.

Oh, she’s not the same species as the Spiders from Mars.

The baddie is a Pakled.

Rani! Stop being a naughty girl. Sarah Jane would be so pissed.

Doctor Who Story xx – The Sarah Jane Adventure Series 5

This was intended to be a full season, but Elisabeth Sladen sadly passed away before completion. They were able to get these six episode (three stories) filmed prior to her death. As such, this is also the final season of The Sarah Jane Adventures. I didn’t expect that I would like the show as much as I did, I think it’s a much fantastic kids’ show and definitely the best Doctor Who spin-off we’ve had.


Luke still gets a stint in the saga sell.

Does Sarah Jane really get a baby to replace Luke? I don’t like that idea.

“His skin is metal.” And you don’t think he’s a robot?

Yup, she is getting a baby to replace Luke. Don’t like it.

I really don’t like having a child this young in the show and it feels like we are going through something we had already done.

The Curse of Clyde Langer

Oh great, Clyde talking to the camera, and then voiceover. Nope. Nope. Nope.

It’s raining fish, hallelujah, it’s raining fish!

This is both horrible and racist. Yay!

Clyde getting homelessness 101 feels sloppy. I was expecting him to get arrested for asking someone for money.

Uh oh! Old homeless lady knows about his curse.

I really hate Sky.

Are they not going to specifically make it alien? And not just racist? Oh, okay, there it is.

That was easy to find him.

So Clyde just needs to shout “my name is Clyde Langer” at the totem pole and hurrah that works? What the fuck is this bullshit.

That was a convenient way to not make the homeless girl into a main character and have Clyde help her.

The Man Who Never Was

Is that terrible product launch video just playing on a loop?

It’s really nice that Luke is in the final episodes. It was a coincidence that is really nice.

Luke should have hugged his little sister.

Why is Sarah Jane bringing her kids to a product launch.

Wow, the bezel on that laptop is huge. It’s so thick.

HAHAHAHA! The aliens are pulling levers and turning knobs to control the CEO.

Yikes, that’s pretty damn dark. Humans have set up an alien slave trade.

Good penis joke.

That was nice that they were able to put an end to the series together.

Goodbye Bannerman Road – Remembering Elisabeth Sladen

Not much to say here other than :(

Doctor Who Story xx – The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 & Sarah Jane’s Alien Files

The Nightmare Man Part One

They’re still doing the whole saga sell. From what I understand Luke is just a featured player this season, yet he’s still in the saga sell.

They really love slowly zooming in on the Earth and the United Kingdom.

That’s not how you get out of handcuffs, get a shim under the clicky clicky parts, tighten it one click while putting the shim in between the clicky clicky parts and the locking mechanism, and then slide it out.

So Luke is going to Oxford, good for the boy genius, but still needs to learn how to be a human. I guess high school wasn’t really teaching him that.

That’s what happens when people learning to be human try to go to high school.

Oh silly Luke, Sarah Jane loves you.

The sass between Mr Smith and K-9 is my new favourite part of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Alien Files: The Trickster and Krislok the Graske

From what I understand these are clip shows. I’m not sure. It seems to have the same theme song. This episode seems to be about the Trickster and the Grask.

The Nightmare Man Part Two

The Nightmare Man is a creepy bastard.

Didn’t think K-9 or Mr Smith would have USB, but apparently they both do.

The Vault of Secrets Part One

Great hair!

I hope this isn’t a clip show.

Rani’s mom is going to save the day.

Really? Mr. Dread?

Prepare to be incinerated! INCINERATE! INCINERATE!

Alien Files: Pied Piper, Ship and Eve

Oh this one is Rani telling the story, at least that’s a change from the original.

This has too much information about Rani’s family and not about the aliens. I don’t believe that they’re actually trying to build an alien database.

The Vault of Secrets Part Two

Rani tricking him out of Gita is great.

Death of the Doctor Part One

Nice, Luke was in, and being awesome.

UNIT is there and sadly no Martha or Brigadier.

I don’t believe the Doctor is dead. Though he is a time traveler so he probably is dead and alive at all times.Well those headquarters stick out like a sore thumb.

So much David Tennant, of course Rani and Clyde would remember him, but it would be nice to show Tom Baker… oh wait there he is and Jon Pertwee.

Oh and now we have Jo Grant.

This story really should have a lot more companions, but obviously they can’t do that. It’s a shame.

The Vulture puppets remind me of the Dark Crystal.

Matt Smith is so much fun.

Alien Files: Sontarans, Wormwood and the Bane Mother

Oh, K-9 is at Oxford with Luke, I hadn’t noticed.

Death of the Doctor Part Two

“Come along, Smith!” Didn’t expect him to refer to Sarah Jane like he does Amy.

Why’s the UNIT lady evil? That explains why it isn’t Martha or Mickey.

Ooooh, they have his TARDIS.

Oh, David Tennant visited all of his companions, even Jo Grant. I love that. I would love to see the Doctor visiting Jamie. Jamie’s the best. I miss Jamie. At least I have the second best companion now with Amy Pond.

Aww, UNIT lady has experienced loss, so she’s teaming up with the baddies.

Oh! They put Patrick Troughton in there… <3 great Doctor.

I forgot they both met many Doctors.

That’s a violent end to the vultures.

Clyde and Rani are very preachy to Santiago and his life style.

Aww, Ian and Barbara are still together. I’d love to see them again, but Ian is so old and Barbara passed away.

The Empty Planet Part One

Oh, Mr Smith is gone, too. Poor Rani.

I’ve lost following this. I should pay better attention.

The girl goes and makes the tea? Gender roles, really.

Robits! They should go to Oxford and get K-9.

Alien Files: Slitheen, Blathereen and Rakweed

Aww, Sarah Jane is so sad about Luke being at university.

Okay, I don’t think I’m going to watch the rest of these alien files.

The Empty Planet Part Two

That robit is strangely weak. Also, a robot can use vision with more than optics. Why not heat vision or other types of cameras that would reveal if someone is a human or mannequin.

Lost in Time Part One

Clyde’s jokes are getting better and better. I liked that Gruffalo comment.

This sounds like it’s going to be a romp.

I like that they’re separated.

Never knew of a Queen Jane (Approximately).

Wow Queen Jane was a child.

Strangely, The Sarah Jane Adventures is the best Doctor Who spin-off. Who would have expected that?

Alien Files: The Berserkers and the Mona Lisa

Lost in Time Part Two

I hate Nazis.

Queen Jane died hundreds of years ago, Rani. Complete your mission.

Oh shit! The lady is a Nazi spy!

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith Part One

Those special effects make Doctor Who look good.

Don’t just barge into someone’s house.

Poor Sarah Jane, I bet it’s not just aging and disease, but instead the lady down the street.

Uh oh, Ruby’s evil!

Alien Files: The Judoon, Mister Dread and Androvax

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith Part Two

Poor Sarah Jane getting eaten by Ruby’s external stomach.

This could’ve made a good series finale, and sadly I know that the show won’t get it.

Oh look, Luke.


My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen

Oh wow, this aired only a few days after Elisabeth Sladen’s death.

Seeing the clips, Luke and Clyde look so little and young.

“She was cool, man!” – Matt Smith

It’s a shame that Tom Baker wasn’t there.

Doctor Who story xx – The Sarah Jane Adventures series 3

Prisoner of the Judoon

They’ve added a saga sell to the beginning of the episodes. Quantum Leap always had the best one.

Watching The Sarah Jane Adventures right after Torchwood‘s “Children of Earth” makes me think that Jack should have called Sarah Jane. She has expertise of working with children.

How does Sarah Jane know about the Judoon?

I love the spray bottle.

“Mr Smith, if your central processor fully functional?”

Well that escalated quickly. Mr Smith is going to blow up all of Bannerman Road.

Wow, Elizabeth Sladen is terrible at playing the baddy. I hate saying this.

Wow, I think that’s the first contract security that act realistically. Running away because they should.

Oh wow, Sarah Jane talking to herself via the mirror is so bad.

The Mad Woman in the Attic

That’s Rani.

Clyde’s a good drawer.

I’m only 7 minutes in and it’s so BORING.

These kids blab way too much about their alien hunting.

Let’s finish this story before lunch…

I really don’t like the structure of this episode. Framing it from old lady Rani is terrible.


This is a pretty positive story. It’s just bad.

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

The Doctor is in this episode. Also, she has an alien boyfriend or something like that. It would be nice if Sarah Jane had a boyfriend… or a girlfriend would be good too.

Mr Smith and K-9 need to be friends with one another.

There’s a TARDIS sound!

Peter and Gita don’t rhyme. British people are so weird.

The CG slug is horrible, but K-9 is adorable.

“Luke says she’s never been to his place.” As if! Where do you think they’re getting down to it? Have you seen how small her car is? They’re not teenagers, that’s going to hurt their backs.

The Brigadier is in Peru, apparently the actor had a stroke recently and wasn’t able to come. It’s a shame. It would’ve been great.

Doctor, the TARDIS needs a tune up.

“Stop this wedding, now!” Screams the Doctor as he barges into the ceremony. “Master!” Says K-9

Why does the Doctor have a grager, is he Jewish? Haman, BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The kids are shit out of luck without the Doctor.

I love stealth K-9.

I love when David Tennant’s Doctor pretends to be mad and cruel.

I would have loved to see Tom Baker in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The Eternity Trap

The saga sell is weird. It’s Clyde’s point of view. Sarah Jane is obviously the main character. Luke is either second or third. Maria/Rani is probably actually second as the show is kinda told from their point of view and their curiosity. Clyde seems to tag along. Though this season, he is getting more to do. Also it ends with Sarah Jane asking him if he’s ready as she and Luke open the door. Rani isn’t there.

Sarah Jane is really dismissive.

What’s the point of moving the books back and forth if you stop before Sarah Jane looks?

That’s not a bad photograph for the 1600s.

This is a fun little horror film.

Mona Lisa’s Revenge

The extended Doctor Who universe is reminding me that no show since the original has taken any risks in theme music. Doctor Who‘s theme, especially Delia Derbyshire’s realization is so completely unique and unlike anything else in pop culture.

I like that they’re returning to Clyde’s drawing again.

Wow that was such a “you’re not my real mom” moment.

Russell Davies loves unrequited love. “Though, quit your moaning, love, do us all a favour” is exactly what I was thinking.

She does not look like Mona Lisa. How is she English? I understand that maybe if she’s in the Louvre, then she’s overhearing a lot of tourists and English is a common language. But why does she have an English accent?

That was quite some deus ex machina.

Hahaha! I didn’t expect the assistant to turn him down. YAY!

Doctor Who – The Waters of Mars

This aired in between episodes 10 and 11. So here’s a link to it.

The Gift

I don’t get why they are so enamoured with the Slitheen and use them so often.

I think that’s the same countdown screen as “Waters of Mars.”

The other shoe is gonna drop soon, isn’t it?

Found the shoe!

Poor Luke.

How is Luke not getting in trouble for bringing in K-9?

Oh good, he got caught with K-9, but the teacher didn’t do anything.

Luke is saved!

Sarah Jane needs some adult friends.

Doctor Who story xx – The Sarah Jane Adventures series 2

The Last Sontaran

Oh my god! The UI on her music player. The past was so weird.

Goblin’s Copse? That’s the name of the village? British people are weird.

Call an ambulance, she hit her head.

Oh yeah, call the police, too. There’s a missing person.

Sarah Jane is being a bitch to Maria.

It’s a cloaked Sontaran!

I’m impressed by the Sontaran actor’s ability to run in that costume.

Call UNIT, Maria and Luke! Or at least call Mr Smith and have him call UNIT. They could have brought Martha into The Sarah Jane Adventure.

I really like the single balloon falling around when Mr Smith opens.

I wish they weren’t dragging out Maria leaving for America. It’s nice that she got one more story, but maybe introduce the idea near the end of the episode.

They let the Sontaran go? They should have arrested him, he attempted genocide.

The Day of the Clown

It’s the Rani!!!! Why would they name their character with the same name as a major Doctor Who character.

They’re really hitting us with the “Rani is going to be a main character” stick.

Doctor Who got rid of the serialized stories back in 2005. Why did they decide to bring it back for Sarah Jane?

Move quickly, jeez!

Why is Sarah Jane so scared of clowns?

Would any teenager not try to attach themselves to Sarah Jane’s world?

I wish her friend at the Pharos Institute was another Doctor Who companion.

Oh god, bad jokes are the solution to the episode.

So if all the children just arrive, does that include all those German kids from the Pied Piper tale?

Secrets of the Stars

This lady should listen to an astrology podcast.

I guess they already told Rani that Luke wasn’t born, because she’s taking it easily.

HAHAHAHA! He says Chair-yl for Cheryl! I used to have a boss who did that, Cheryl didn’t like it.

He’s talking about the Doctor.

The flashback is with David Tennant, when he’s talking about meeting the Doctor and him leaving her… it should have been Jon Pertwee or Tom Baker.

“Truman is human.” Truman is a true man!

“Is she your companion?” Yes, very much, Rani is Sarah Jane’s companion. I don’t think they’re ever referred to as such, but Rani, Luke and Clyde are Sarah’s companions, and Gwen and Ianto are Jack’s companions.

Clyde is Jesus.

Luke not having a star sign will mean he can’t be controlled and will save the day.

“It’s time for Cancer to join the circle.” Chevron two is locked!

I just learned that in a new block I can type /gif and get a Giphy block.

Oh shit, children of Scorpio are joining the circle. That’s ME!

Yay! I was right about Luke!

HAHAHA! He called her “Cheryl” with the proper pronunciation, not “Chair-yl.”

The Mark of the Berserker

They have a character named Rani. Why isn’t there an episode called “Mark of the Rani?”

Starts off with naughty kids.

Don’t you hate when your tattoos spread?

Jacob is an asshole.

Oh god! And Rani know has the pendent? And they’re not calling it the Mark of the Rani?

Uh oh, she now has the mark of the Rani! Also, fuck her for the cruel shit she’s doing to her dad.

I want sandwiches.

Clyde, you idiot. Don’t show your dad all this shit.

Clyde’s dad is a shitbag.

Oh my god! The slug! I love it.

Maria, don’t tell your dad to shut up.

He’s going to hack into a military database?

Clyde is an asshole. That dude is going to get fired for giving away a car.

They should have called Martha.

Is the sitting area in the attic new? It’s nice.

The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith

Uh oh! Oscar is trying to trick Sarah Jane.

The theme music reminds me of Harry Potter.

  1. Don’t do it!
  2. Don’t do it in that terrible outfit.

It’s a village fete! So British.

Did Sarah Jane’s mum say, “I’m Brabra?” What kind of name is Brabra?

Don’t be naughty, Sarah Jane.

Oscar the Grask!

The Trickster is a jackass.

Oh, that ain’t the TARDIS.

“Are you two having a laugh?”

“Yes, ethnic person in the 1950s.”

This episoe is actually sad. Poor Sarah Jane.

Hahaha! The Trickster just sounded like Noel Fielding when he said, “Oh no! Stop them!”

That’s some cheap-ass vortex manipulator, able to crush it with one stomp.

Enemy of the Bane

I think I’m supposed to know who Wormwood is, but I don’t.

Thank you for assuming I’m a dumb child, she was the lady who made Luke in the pilot.

Never give up, never surrender!

Hahaha! Stunned Rani mother is hilarious.

I didn’t realize that the Black Archive happened before the 50th Anniversary episode.

Yay! The Brigadier.

Wow, those guards are horrible at their jobs. The blanket covering Sarah Jane is a bit obvious.

Sarah Jane’s house gets destroyed way too often.

Sontaran? That was unexpected.

They learned the true intentions of Wormwood really quickly. That’s kinda surprising.

Hahahaha! Wormwood is an idiot for trusting Luke.

The Major is an asshole. Uh oh! The Major is an alien!

This is way too Darth Vader-esque.

Clyde tending to the injured Sontaran, that’s actually nice character growth.

From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love

I’m skipping ahead. I should watch “The Next Doctor” and the Proms before I get to this little mini-episode, but I don’t think anything in continuity will be ruined by watching this first.


That was no “Time Crash.”