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Doctor Who Story xx – The Sarah Jane Adventure Series 5

This was intended to be a full season, but Elisabeth Sladen sadly passed away before completion. They were able to get these six episode (three stories) filmed prior to her death. As such, this is also the final season of The Sarah Jane Adventures. I didn’t expect that I would like the show as much as I did, I think it’s a much fantastic kids’ show and definitely the best Doctor Who spin-off we’ve had.


Luke still gets a stint in the saga sell.

Does Sarah Jane really get a baby to replace Luke? I don’t like that idea.

“His skin is metal.” And you don’t think he’s a robot?

Yup, she is getting a baby to replace Luke. Don’t like it.

I really don’t like having a child this young in the show and it feels like we are going through something we had already done.

The Curse of Clyde Langer

Oh great, Clyde talking to the camera, and then voiceover. Nope. Nope. Nope.

It’s raining fish, hallelujah, it’s raining fish!

This is both horrible and racist. Yay!

Clyde getting homelessness 101 feels sloppy. I was expecting him to get arrested for asking someone for money.

Uh oh! Old homeless lady knows about his curse.

I really hate Sky.

Are they not going to specifically make it alien? And not just racist? Oh, okay, there it is.

That was easy to find him.

So Clyde just needs to shout “my name is Clyde Langer” at the totem pole and hurrah that works? What the fuck is this bullshit.

That was a convenient way to not make the homeless girl into a main character and have Clyde help her.

The Man Who Never Was

Is that terrible product launch video just playing on a loop?

It’s really nice that Luke is in the final episodes. It was a coincidence that is really nice.

Luke should have hugged his little sister.

Why is Sarah Jane bringing her kids to a product launch.

Wow, the bezel on that laptop is huge. It’s so thick.

HAHAHAHA! The aliens are pulling levers and turning knobs to control the CEO.

Yikes, that’s pretty damn dark. Humans have set up an alien slave trade.

Good penis joke.

That was nice that they were able to put an end to the series together.

Goodbye Bannerman Road – Remembering Elisabeth Sladen

Not much to say here other than :(

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