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Doctor Who Story xx – The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 & Sarah Jane’s Alien Files

The Nightmare Man Part One

They’re still doing the whole saga sell. From what I understand Luke is just a featured player this season, yet he’s still in the saga sell.

They really love slowly zooming in on the Earth and the United Kingdom.

That’s not how you get out of handcuffs, get a shim under the clicky clicky parts, tighten it one click while putting the shim in between the clicky clicky parts and the locking mechanism, and then slide it out.

So Luke is going to Oxford, good for the boy genius, but still needs to learn how to be a human. I guess high school wasn’t really teaching him that.

That’s what happens when people learning to be human try to go to high school.

Oh silly Luke, Sarah Jane loves you.

The sass between Mr Smith and K-9 is my new favourite part of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Alien Files: The Trickster and Krislok the Graske

From what I understand these are clip shows. I’m not sure. It seems to have the same theme song. This episode seems to be about the Trickster and the Grask.

The Nightmare Man Part Two

The Nightmare Man is a creepy bastard.

Didn’t think K-9 or Mr Smith would have USB, but apparently they both do.

The Vault of Secrets Part One

Great hair!

I hope this isn’t a clip show.

Rani’s mom is going to save the day.

Really? Mr. Dread?

Prepare to be incinerated! INCINERATE! INCINERATE!

Alien Files: Pied Piper, Ship and Eve

Oh this one is Rani telling the story, at least that’s a change from the original.

This has too much information about Rani’s family and not about the aliens. I don’t believe that they’re actually trying to build an alien database.

The Vault of Secrets Part Two

Rani tricking him out of Gita is great.

Death of the Doctor Part One

Nice, Luke was in, and being awesome.

UNIT is there and sadly no Martha or Brigadier.

I don’t believe the Doctor is dead. Though he is a time traveler so he probably is dead and alive at all times.Well those headquarters stick out like a sore thumb.

So much David Tennant, of course Rani and Clyde would remember him, but it would be nice to show Tom Baker… oh wait there he is and Jon Pertwee.

Oh and now we have Jo Grant.

This story really should have a lot more companions, but obviously they can’t do that. It’s a shame.

The Vulture puppets remind me of the Dark Crystal.

Matt Smith is so much fun.

Alien Files: Sontarans, Wormwood and the Bane Mother

Oh, K-9 is at Oxford with Luke, I hadn’t noticed.

Death of the Doctor Part Two

“Come along, Smith!” Didn’t expect him to refer to Sarah Jane like he does Amy.

Why’s the UNIT lady evil? That explains why it isn’t Martha or Mickey.

Ooooh, they have his TARDIS.

Oh, David Tennant visited all of his companions, even Jo Grant. I love that. I would love to see the Doctor visiting Jamie. Jamie’s the best. I miss Jamie. At least I have the second best companion now with Amy Pond.

Aww, UNIT lady has experienced loss, so she’s teaming up with the baddies.

Oh! They put Patrick Troughton in there… <3 great Doctor.

I forgot they both met many Doctors.

That’s a violent end to the vultures.

Clyde and Rani are very preachy to Santiago and his life style.

Aww, Ian and Barbara are still together. I’d love to see them again, but Ian is so old and Barbara passed away.

The Empty Planet Part One

Oh, Mr Smith is gone, too. Poor Rani.

I’ve lost following this. I should pay better attention.

The girl goes and makes the tea? Gender roles, really.

Robits! They should go to Oxford and get K-9.

Alien Files: Slitheen, Blathereen and Rakweed

Aww, Sarah Jane is so sad about Luke being at university.

Okay, I don’t think I’m going to watch the rest of these alien files.

The Empty Planet Part Two

That robit is strangely weak. Also, a robot can use vision with more than optics. Why not heat vision or other types of cameras that would reveal if someone is a human or mannequin.

Lost in Time Part One

Clyde’s jokes are getting better and better. I liked that Gruffalo comment.

This sounds like it’s going to be a romp.

I like that they’re separated.

Never knew of a Queen Jane (Approximately).

Wow Queen Jane was a child.

Strangely, The Sarah Jane Adventures is the best Doctor Who spin-off. Who would have expected that?

Alien Files: The Berserkers and the Mona Lisa

Lost in Time Part Two

I hate Nazis.

Queen Jane died hundreds of years ago, Rani. Complete your mission.

Oh shit! The lady is a Nazi spy!

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith Part One

Those special effects make Doctor Who look good.

Don’t just barge into someone’s house.

Poor Sarah Jane, I bet it’s not just aging and disease, but instead the lady down the street.

Uh oh, Ruby’s evil!

Alien Files: The Judoon, Mister Dread and Androvax

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith Part Two

Poor Sarah Jane getting eaten by Ruby’s external stomach.

This could’ve made a good series finale, and sadly I know that the show won’t get it.

Oh look, Luke.


My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen

Oh wow, this aired only a few days after Elisabeth Sladen’s death.

Seeing the clips, Luke and Clyde look so little and young.

“She was cool, man!” – Matt Smith

It’s a shame that Tom Baker wasn’t there.

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