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Doctor Who Story 270 – Extremis

Oh! Missy’s back!

I love the amount of Nardole in this episode. I don’t love much else.

Doctor Who Story 254 – The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar


More talk about death, blah blah blah blah blah. No one’s going to die. I wish they’d kill Clara, but they won’t.

The Magician’s Apprentice

That’s very low tech… with lasers.

They keep saying “hand mine” like it’s a thing.

I remember being intrigued that it’s Davros.

And once again, news reports.

These people are so excited to assume it’s hostile.

We’re into the electric guitar phase… why. And sunglasses.

Missy being offended that Davros is the Doctor’s arch enemy is fantastic.

The Witch’s Familiar

Missy is great.

I like the different Dalek models.

Missy is great. She really is the best part of Capaldi’s time.

Missy is great!

Missy is so great!

Poor Missy.

The Daleks have said “mercy” hundreds of times in Doctor Who, why is this a big deal?

Doctor Who Story 252 – Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Dark Water

Looks like they finally killed someone off… too bad it’s not going to last. Though Danny is the only one who isn’t terrible.

Clara don’t be a shit and save your boyfriend’s life.

Wow, Clara is an asshole. The fact that the Doctor continues travelling with Clara is ridiculous. He kicked out Sarah Jane for nothing, but now he lets Clara get away with this bullshit.

Oh fuck you, Doctor.

That squishing sound when she puts her fingers into the TARDIS controls.

Hey, it’s him!

I wish this was nearly as funny as Thick of It.

That R roll is very Sylvester McCoy.

Danny Pink, don’t be sad. Clara sucks.

Yay! Missy!

Death in Heaven

You can’t just announce that Clara is the Doctor. First off if we were going to have a companion as a Doctor, hopefully it’s one better than Clara.

Osgood is great. “Bow ties are cool.”

I hate when my decaying corpse turns into a cyberman.

Ugh! The Doctor being President of Earth.

Why are the guards just sitting there doing nothing, while Missy threatens to kill Osgood?

Don’t worry, the Doctor can fall from space and live, falling from an airplane won’t do any harm.

Don’t kill Ollie? Malcolm will be so sad he didn’t get to do it.

I guess I need to add a tag for the Brigadier? I guess he’s in it?

If the TARDIS can follow Danny into the afterlife by using a psychic link, why doesn’t the Doctor put his hands in the goo and find Gallifrey.

I’m so tired of Moffat’s shit.

Doctor Who Story 251 – In the Forest of the Night

Is this the episode where Clara takes the kids on a trip in the TARDIS? If so, that’s horrible.

Close the TARDIS door, Doctor!

“Every communication channel on the TARDIS is open, yet nothing,” but we saw a news report.

How are the traffic lights receiving power.

The forest is mankind’s nightmare.

The Doctor to Clara

No, that’s alligators.

Really? Trying to start a forest fire in the middle of a city with millions of people? Are they that stupid?

How is this forest so dense without population, they’re in the core of London. They shouldn’t be able to go more than a few metres without hitting a building. Are they only walk straight, down a road and not veering at all to the sides?

Danny Pink is the only one who is not an idiot.

It was just a thought, it came from miss.

Kid to the Doctor, when he asked where she got the idea to find the Doctor.

Should have gone come from Mr. Chesterton.

The kid’s sister looks evil!

Doctor Who Story 250 – Flatline

I don’t remember anything about this episode.

Don’t trust the Doctor to be able to get you back to where you want to go! “This isn’t Croydon.”

Doctor, open the other half of the door.

Why is Missy using an iPad?

Doctor Who Story 243 – Into the Dalek

Oh it’s Zawe Ashton from Fresh Meat.

Capaldi is a good authoritative Doctor.

Mr. Pink is hot.

Clara should totally get some!

I forgot about the whole “am I a good man” theme during the entirety of Capaldi’s era. It’s really obvious that the Doctor is not a good man.

I wish I was watching Innerspace instead.

Now I just want more Martin Short. How does Dennis Quaid get top billing?

Doctor Who Story 247 – The Caretaker

You need to tell your boyfriend, Clara.

David Tennant got to be a teacher, Peter Capaldi fortunately gets to do the more important job, custodian.

I think this is the episode that made me love Capaldi as the Doctor.


So if Ian Chesterton is the headmaster in Coal Hill, why haven’t they had him come and find the TARDIS?

Aww, she loves Danny.

Capaldi is great.

Courtney, aka Disruptive Influence, would have been the best companion for the Doctor.

Doctor Who Story 242 – Deep Breath

I remember watching this in theatres, and being bored with it already. Though Strax is great.

Okay, but I really enjoy Peter Capaldi.

I hate the new opening. It looks like a cartoon.

Why does Clara not understand regeneration?

Is Capaldi going to spend most of his first episode in bed?

Why do I like aliens not understanding humans so much?

There’s not enough Strax in this episode, because everything else is not that interesting.

The whole story about Clara not liking regenerated Doctor is bullshit, and horrible. Why would she care when this is after the interaction between Clara and all the other 10 Doctors.

I really think Matt Smith’s scene is cheating Peter Capaldi. This deserves to be his episode, and his stories. Making it about Matt Smith isn’t right.

Yay! Missy!