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Doctor Who Story 251 – In the Forest of the Night

Is this the episode where Clara takes the kids on a trip in the TARDIS? If so, that’s horrible.

Close the TARDIS door, Doctor!

“Every communication channel on the TARDIS is open, yet nothing,” but we saw a news report.

How are the traffic lights receiving power.

The forest is mankind’s nightmare.

The Doctor to Clara

No, that’s alligators.

Really? Trying to start a forest fire in the middle of a city with millions of people? Are they that stupid?

How is this forest so dense without population, they’re in the core of London. They shouldn’t be able to go more than a few metres without hitting a building. Are they only walk straight, down a road and not veering at all to the sides?

Danny Pink is the only one who is not an idiot.

It was just a thought, it came from miss.

Kid to the Doctor, when he asked where she got the idea to find the Doctor.

Should have gone come from Mr. Chesterton.

The kid’s sister looks evil!

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