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Doctor Who Story 252 – Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Dark Water

Looks like they finally killed someone off… too bad it’s not going to last. Though Danny is the only one who isn’t terrible.

Clara don’t be a shit and save your boyfriend’s life.

Wow, Clara is an asshole. The fact that the Doctor continues travelling with Clara is ridiculous. He kicked out Sarah Jane for nothing, but now he lets Clara get away with this bullshit.

Oh fuck you, Doctor.

That squishing sound when she puts her fingers into the TARDIS controls.

Hey, it’s him!

I wish this was nearly as funny as Thick of It.

That R roll is very Sylvester McCoy.

Danny Pink, don’t be sad. Clara sucks.

Yay! Missy!

Death in Heaven

You can’t just announce that Clara is the Doctor. First off if we were going to have a companion as a Doctor, hopefully it’s one better than Clara.

Osgood is great. “Bow ties are cool.”

I hate when my decaying corpse turns into a cyberman.

Ugh! The Doctor being President of Earth.

Why are the guards just sitting there doing nothing, while Missy threatens to kill Osgood?

Don’t worry, the Doctor can fall from space and live, falling from an airplane won’t do any harm.

Don’t kill Ollie? Malcolm will be so sad he didn’t get to do it.

I guess I need to add a tag for the Brigadier? I guess he’s in it?

If the TARDIS can follow Danny into the afterlife by using a psychic link, why doesn’t the Doctor put his hands in the goo and find Gallifrey.

I’m so tired of Moffat’s shit.

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