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Doctor Who Story 199 – The Next Doctor

David Morrissey is great as the Doctor.

The Doctors sliding on their butts is fun.

“The Doctor’s companion does what the Doctor says.” He’s never been the Doctor before.

“How’s it sonic?” *tap tap tap* “It makes a noise.”

So Morrissey found a data tube with info on the Doctor, got zapped, forgot his memories and thought he was the Doctor.

This is a really nice story of someone wanting to help and wanting to be more than he is. I don’t think I’ve seen this episode more than once, and it’s mch better than I remembered.

I like Rosita and would’ve loved her as a full time companion.


The Doctor in his TARDIS… well, the other TARDIS.

Aww, the Doctor gets cheers for saving the world.

The Proms

This is really boring, and I don’t think the music to Doctor Who is worthy of this, except the original theme as realized by Delia Derbyshire.

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