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Doctor Who Story 200 – Planet of the Dead

I recall enjoying this episode, but another one I don’t think I’ve seen more than once, or at least not since 2010.

This is really bad security. There’s no laser roof. There should be a laser roof.

Don’t take off your mask while you’re still in the museum. That’s the stupidest idea, ever.

Why do the holiday specials need to have some element of the holiday? I guess it works that I’m watching this episode on Good Friday. I’m just annoyed there’s never been a Pesach special or a Yom Kippur episode.

Why is UNIT arriving for a simple heist?

Oh god, alien hands pointing at screens. Worst Doctor Who trope.

Okay, now they’re calling UNIT, maybe I misunderstood.

The cop looks like the brother in law from You’re The Worst.

Oh, Malcolm. I like you.

I disapprove that Malcolms and Bernards are not metric. There should be kilomalcolms.

de Souza’s a babe.

That was convenient that the fly people are eaten by the metal mantas, now they aren’t going to hinder the Doctor’s work.

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