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After Elizabeth II

Heather mentioned CBC’s DocZone on her blog, and today, I decided to watch “After Elizabeth II” a documentary on the Monarchy. For some strange reason, most of this is taken from the British point of view. They compare a possible King Charles being asked to step down by a British Prime Minister and Cabinet, but really, in this modern world, when the Sovereign of the UK is a shared Sovereign of numerous other countries, can the British government ask him to step down? I think not. Sure this happened to King Edward, but this was before the separation of the Empire, more importantly, before World War II, when Canada came into its own.

Aside from that, there’s the point that it’s nearly impossible for Canada to separate itself from the crown. To do so would require the consent of 100% of the Canadian provinces, and we all remember every single time Canada tried to meddle with the constitution, it was a nightmare (Meech Lake, Charlottetown, Chretien giving vetoes to regions, Trudeau trying to pass the Constitution through British Parliament, All previous prime ministers trying to create the constitution…).

The UK will become a Republic more easily than Canada.

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