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#Rocktober 30 volume 15: ZZZZZZ

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce.

Went out for brunch to The Old Nick. Yes I’m there constantly. I was poaching their internet, as I wait for Bell to get their shit together (post coming when it’s resolved). I had the Mac & Cheese. So good, not as good as Cari’s.

I got home around 6, and immediately fell asleep. Slept until 9 am.

Second best day of #Rocktober (Wild Flag’s still on top).

#Rocktober 30 volume 12: Vincey!

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce.

Ate tasty food at the Nick with Vince. We shared nachos and jalapeño poppers, so fucking tasty.

#Rocktober30 volume 03: Watcom

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce.

Previously on Rocktober. Adam went to Montreal, Adam came back from Montreal… and now the continuation.

So, I went out for dinner at the Old Nick with Emily (aka Watcom). Emily will be involved in many more Rocktober adventures, as she’s pretty fuckin’ awesome. I had the Garlic Mushroom sandwich, which is garlic, mushrooms, cheese, and tasty buns. SO GOOD! I love the Old Nick.

Emily nearly cried with Christine (the owner of the Nick) told her that the veggie quesadilla was no longer existent, and it was now a cheese quesadilla. I was surprised, as I had both, and never noticed when they changed it. Emily took Christine up on her offer to have them make it with some veggies for her. Emily seemed to be happy with her awesome-tacular meal.

We chatted about boys, and girls, and work, and friends, and babies1, and other such fun stuff. We had a fun time! It was Rocktober-tacular, and a good way to chill after a weekend packed with Quebec.

  1. No Mom, I’m not going to have one. []

Favourite posts of 2010

I thought I’d go through my year, and see my favourite posts from 2010. This is not a list of my favourite concerts, albums, etc, but rather my favourite posts.



  • My first brunch experience at the Old Nick… I now go there weekly… at least.


  • A personal tale about knowing an author, Stacey Fowles, and then reading her novel. I would then embarrass myself by not recognizing her in a future meeting.
  • Reading about Canada & Mr. Diefenbaker.


  • Questions about where the groove might actually be.
  • Dan Mangan performed at Trinity St. Paul’s.


  • This photo is my lock-screen photo on my iPhone.
  • Some of my best portrait shots are of Allegra.
  • I had fun taking photos of Natalia.
  • While the subject might not have been too fond of these pictures, I think they’re quite good. Sure, the subject is ugly1, but that doesn’t matter much.



Best insights into humanity, as written by me

  • “If you see a penis, it’s a comedy; if you see a vagina, it’s a drama. It explains why women laugh when I remove my pants.”
  • “Either I’m becoming a normal human being, or I have liver failure.”
  • “Her prose are compelling, straight to the point, and beautiful in their nude honesty.”4
  1. I know she’s not really ugly, but our friendship is based on mutual hatred. []
  2. Actually, I also proposed to Aviva. 2011 is sure going to be busy. []
  3. “Alone in a corner, surrounded by candy.” []
  4. Proud of that one, because of how true it is. []

Brunch at the Old Nick

Editor’s note: I’m not a connoisseur of brunch, I do enjoy it, but I don’t believe it is the be-all and end-all of food. Thusly, I have only tried a few of Toronto’s brunch venues. For more in depth Brunch-Love, I’d suggest you read my friend Kristin’s blog, Death by Brunch.

I woke up on Sunday before Victoria Day, and didn’t want to cook, who would? After a few hours, I realized I was quiet hungry, and I was in the mood for brunch, mmm, brunch. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday on a long weekend, where the hell would I find something that wouldn’t take 12 hours for service? I decided to wander down Danforth and see if I could find anything. I came upon The Old Nick1. They had a sign outside advertising their Organic Brunch. The Old Nick is a lovely pub a few metres down the street from me on the Danforth. It seems to be the go to pub in the neighbourhood, good beer, and a flirty gay bartender who seems to love all the women I bring in there, but who would blame him, I have excellent taste in women. They’re even kind enough to let a handful of people hangout, steal some tables and play board games in their bar. I had even eaten there once before, a couple days after moving into Playter Estates, my friend aL took me to that fabulous bar, where we had some food which was stupendous. I was shocked that a pub’s food was that good. Yet I never ate there again. That Sunday, I rectified the situation.

I walked into a nearly empty bar, where only two other tables were occupied, I took a seat and ordered tea while I perused the menu. While they won points for being empty, they lost points for a paltry tea menu. I went with orange pekoe. When the tea arrived, I ordered The Razzle Dazzle, which was eggs benedict with avocado and a cheese that I can’t remember. I was surprised when the plate arrived, it was stupid-big.

The home fries were lovely baby potatoes quartered, seasoned and fried, and they were damn tasty. The salad was fresh and lightly drizzled with a tasty vinaigrette. The eggs were cooked to perfection and slathered in a beautiful, thick hollandaise, sprinkled with shredded cheese which slowly melted over the eggs, on top of a large whole wheat english muffin, and fresh and creamy avocado.

Mmm, food.

  1. Worst website, ever! []