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#Rocktober30 volume 03: Watcom

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce.

Previously on Rocktober. Adam went to Montreal, Adam came back from Montreal… and now the continuation.

So, I went out for dinner at the Old Nick with Emily (aka Watcom). Emily will be involved in many more Rocktober adventures, as she’s pretty fuckin’ awesome. I had the Garlic Mushroom sandwich, which is garlic, mushrooms, cheese, and tasty buns. SO GOOD! I love the Old Nick.

Emily nearly cried with Christine (the owner of the Nick) told her that the veggie quesadilla was no longer existent, and it was now a cheese quesadilla. I was surprised, as I had both, and never noticed when they changed it. Emily took Christine up on her offer to have them make it with some veggies for her. Emily seemed to be happy with her awesome-tacular meal.

We chatted about boys, and girls, and work, and friends, and babies1, and other such fun stuff. We had a fun time! It was Rocktober-tacular, and a good way to chill after a weekend packed with Quebec.

  1. No Mom, I’m not going to have one. []

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