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#Rocktober30 volume 04: Emily volume 2

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce.

As any sane person knows, having multiple Adams in their lives is a blessing, as is having multiple Emilys. I hung out with Emily C. last night. Seeing as I have two concerts coming up in volume 5 and 6, I jumped at the chance of a quiet night in with a friend. After an excruciating long day at work, I drove from Thornhill to Parkdale. That’s a bloody long drive. I wouldn’t want to live in the west-end.

Emily made dinner, a tasty soup, and veggies, and we hung out and talked about boys, and work, and government. Then we hung around and chatted while her roommates popped in and joined the fun from time to time. We started watching The New Girl, the new show starring heart-throb Zooey  Deschanel. It was surprisingly better than I expected, and the eye candy wasn’t bad either.

Katie, who’s celebrating her own #Rocktober, came over, too, and we all hung out and chatted, and it was a nice relaxing and pleasant way to spend a #Rocktober30 evening.

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