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Rob Ford

Rob & Doug

How were these two so prescient?

Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story by Robyn Doolittle

Sigh. I kinda feel sorry for Robyn Doolittle. She’s an excellent reporter for the Toronto Star, but sadly her name is most associated with Rob Ford. Crazy Town is a book about our mayor, his family, and his problems. Crazy Town at times is extremely hard to read. We’ve lived through this drama for the past three years (longer, if you include his time as councillor). We’ve seen the insanity. Reliving it is not something you really want to do. However, Doolittle does add some interesting new revelations into her book that make it quite interesting. For non-Torontonians, I think it is a must-read. Anyone outside this city who has seen… Read More »Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story by Robyn Doolittle

Dear Mayor Ford,

I felt I had to email my mayor… Dear Mayor Ford, I was pleased to hear you finally admitted to the allegations against you. Finally you answered the questions put forward to you. This is an amazing step towards Toronto forgiving you. You’re lucky to live in a city with 2.7 million wonderful people who want the best for you, even if you are unable to admit you need help. There are still some questions that the people of Toronto feel you have inadequately addressed: Other than your conviction for a DUI in Florida, have you ever operated a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics? Have… Read More »Dear Mayor Ford,

Most viewed posts of 2010

Here’s NH2F’s top 10 posts of 2010… 10) “Mayor Staypuft,” or Adam gets bitter about Toronto’s mayor, throws insults, but still puts forward good questions, to which no one cares to discuss. 9) “Fear Of Fighting,” or Adam yammering1 about the author. 8) “Vistek,” or Adam yammering about shitty customer service. 7) “How Did JFK Get My Spaghetti Video,” or Adam photographs a hottie. 6) “The End of,” or Adam has an idea to make the world a better place, but no one gives a shit. 5) “Poutine,” or I’m drunk. 4) “Apple & Canadian English,” or Adam doesn’t like that his iPhone neglects his nation. 3) “Scott Pilgrim… Read More »Most viewed posts of 2010

A Message from W.L. Mackenzie

Politics is the science which teaches the people of a country to care for each other. If a mischievous individual were to attempt to cut off his neighbour’s hand, would that neighbour’s other hand and feet do well quietly to permit the amputation of the limb if they could hinder it? All will say, No. This then is politics. That part of our duty which teaches us to study the welfare of our whole country, and not to rest satisfied altho’ our own household is well off when our neighbours are in difficulty and danger. The honest politician is he who gives all he can of his time and means… Read More »A Message from W.L. Mackenzie

Mayor Staypuft

Okay, so Toronto chose the worst possible option for its mayor. I propose two things. 1) We, the people, the ones who own this city, the ones who invest our lives in it, we band together and make it the best possible city it can fuckin’ be! Whether that be creating amazing art spaces for the community, working towards a greener Toronto, escalating guerilla urban planning1, anything! Let’s make this the best possible city, despite Ford. 2) 2014 is coming soon. Who do we want to run our city. We have three million possible contenders. We need to figure out who that person is, and convince them they want the… Read More »Mayor Staypuft

Why Joey Trousers is getting my vote…

This is a pretty bad election for Toronto. We’re faced with three name candidates. A city councillor from Etobicoke who has been making Council a living hell for those who try to make legislation; the former Deputy Premier of Ontario, who as Minister of Health fucked up beyond belief; and the Deputy Mayor. During this campaign, all three candidates are looking backwards, rather than forwards. Not a single one of them is providing a vision for Toronto, their campaigns are focused on Mayor David Miller, not Toronto. While Ford and Smitherman’s campaigns are about how Miller did everything wrong, Pantalone’s campaign has been to say that David Miller did no… Read More »Why Joey Trousers is getting my vote…