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Mayor Staypuft

Okay, so Toronto chose the worst possible option for its mayor. I propose two things.

1) We, the people, the ones who own this city, the ones who invest our lives in it, we band together and make it the best possible city it can fuckin’ be! Whether that be creating amazing art spaces for the community, working towards a greener Toronto, escalating guerilla urban planning1, anything! Let’s make this the best possible city, despite Ford.

2) 2014 is coming soon. Who do we want to run our city. We have three million possible contenders. We need to figure out who that person is, and convince them they want the job. Then we work to run a campaign of hope, a campaign of the future, and that kind of optimism cannot be defeated. This is what the 2010 election lacked.

Who’s with me?

  1. Paint bike lanes, guerilla gardening, whatever! []

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