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Dear Mayor Ford,

I felt I had to email my mayor…

Dear Mayor Ford,

I was pleased to hear you finally admitted to the allegations against you. Finally you answered the questions put forward to you. This is an amazing step towards Toronto forgiving you. You’re lucky to live in a city with 2.7 million wonderful people who want the best for you, even if you are unable to admit you need help.

There are still some questions that the people of Toronto feel you have inadequately addressed:

  • Other than your conviction for a DUI in Florida, have you ever operated a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics?
  • Have you ever brought a toddler to a drug deal?
  • What were those packages that Mr. Lisi was delivering to you?
  • Will you apologize to Mr. Trudeau and to the LGBT community of Toronto for the alleged comments you made?
  • Will you apologize to all Torontonians of all ethnicities for the alleged comments you made?
  • Will you apologize to the media for the disparaging comments you made about them?
  • Will you assist the Toronto Police Services (or Ontario Provincial Police) in any and all investigations that may require your help?

It seems pretty obvious to everyone that you have an addiction. An addiction to alcohol and an addiction to narcotics. I hope that I’m wrong and you’re right, that you don’t have an addiction, but from where I stand it seems doubtful.

You said on the radio that you will continue to drink, but you will do so at home. This scares me, Your Worship. Your wife and children live there, and there have already been police calls in regards to domestic violence. I fear for your family’s safety. If you can get so drunk that you are comfortable trying crack, then what does that say to your ability to control your rage.

For the sake of your family and the City of Toronto, please get help. We hope to see you fresh-faced and healthy in time for the 2014 election.

Adam M. Anklewicz

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