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Doctor Who Story 276 – Twice Upon a Time

The 709 episodes ago is great. I love old sexist Doctor. “You may speak with her again,” and I really hope it’s Susan, but it’s Bill. No one needs Bill. She’s okay, but Susan would be better. I really wish it was Susan. The Doctor love Susan. That ship of his is in need of a good deep clean. The Doctor Hartnell with a gay woman companion is wonderful. What you need is a jolly good smacked bottom! The Doctor to Bill (or Susan) Mycroft’s Hitler haircut is terrible. Well, no one should have a Hitler haircut, even if they are 20 years too early for Hitler. What a jackass.… Read More »Doctor Who Story 276 – Twice Upon a Time

Doctor Who Serial 034 – The Macra Terror

Part One Well the companions are being idiots and attacking the first person they see. Sure he has a terrible hairdo, but that’s no reason. Why have we never had a bearded Doctor? “No one ever left alive in nineteen hundred eighty five will ever doooooo!” Part Two Those uniforms are amazing. The collar is so high, and the shoulder pads are good enough to be Romulan. That was the problem with Star Trek: Picard. not enough shoulder pads. There is no macra!!!! Those electronics are fragile, if you knock on them, you shouldn’t pop out of the wall. Oh, there is indeed a macra, what a crabby beasty. The… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 034 – The Macra Terror

Doctor Who Serial 030 – The Power of the Daleks

Part One I was excited for a Patrick Troughton episode. I love the second doctor and Jamie… then I see this is the one story without Jamie. Well, it’ll be 2 and Ben and Polly. I can live. I like the shot looking down the risey fally bit of the console. Oh Doctor, you should’ve kept that hat. Ben and Polly really just assumed that he’s the Doctor. The Doctor hasn’t said it. Creepy! Part Two The original theme and opening credits were truly the best. Lesterson’s glasses are fantastic. Don’t think they’d suit my face, though. Lesterson should listen and not try to reactivate a Dalek. Why is Polly… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 030 – The Power of the Daleks