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Doctor Who Serial 030 – The Power of the Daleks

Part One

I was excited for a Patrick Troughton episode. I love the second doctor and Jamie… then I see this is the one story without Jamie. Well, it’ll be 2 and Ben and Polly. I can live.

I like the shot looking down the risey fally bit of the console.

Oh Doctor, you should’ve kept that hat.

Ben and Polly really just assumed that he’s the Doctor. The Doctor hasn’t said it.


Part Two

The original theme and opening credits were truly the best.

Lesterson’s glasses are fantastic. Don’t think they’d suit my face, though.

Lesterson should listen and not try to reactivate a Dalek.

Why is Polly the only one wearing shorts?

Part Three

Yeah we get that you are a servant. You only have to say it once.

People in Doctor Who need to stop being so shocked at machines having any sense of intelligence.

How could this scientist be so sure that the Dalek has a positronic brain? Why hasn’t he opened it before? Wouldn’t that be the first thing you’d do?

Haha, the Dalek wanting to shout how much better than Humans they are.

Oh shit, there’s three Daleks now. “When I say run, run like a rabbit.”

Part Four

That dude is going to regret letting the Daleks do stuff.

Oh the scientist is seeing the errors of his way, but the lady is becoming the evil one.

Janley, the lady, is giving the Daleks their guns… stupid.

Oh shit, the Daleks have Doctor Who on the TVs in their office.

Part Five

I feel like they haven’t figured out who Patrick Troughton’s Doctor is yet. He is great, but he’s going to be so much better.

“We are not ready yet to teach these human being the laws of the Daleks.” You seem ready, you have an entire army.

Did that jail guard really give a prisoner a water glass and a glass jug? That seems unsafe.

I forgot about Ben and Polly.

Part Six

Yes, I get it, you conquer and destroy, Daleks. You don’t need to scream it over and over.

I don’t get how Doctor Who convinced us that the Daleks could be the biggest baddest species in the universe.

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