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Peri Brown

Doctor Who Serial xx – Dimensions in Time

Part One Jon Pertwee looks great! I have no idea who this person Pertwee is talking to, but it’s just the intro. Wow, those models of Hartnell and Troughton are terrible. As is this version of the theme, terrible. Tom Baker is great, “the grumpy one and the flautist.” McCoy’s hair is too long, the hippy! Wow, that doesn’t look like 2013. I feel like they’re trying to smoosh in too many lines for too many people. Susan looks good. I forgot how much I hate Peri’s terrible accent. I’m voting for Big Ron. Part Two “We’re helping Children in Need in Crinkly Bottom” wait, what??? Of course, Bessy makes… Read More »Doctor Who Serial xx – Dimensions in Time

Doctor Who Serial 143 – The Trial of a Time Lord

Part One – The Mysterious Planet Part One That new theme song and opening credits are a perfect example of all the wrong choices. Time Lord costumes are amazing. I love how her hat is a Time Lord collar in hat form. The Doctor does meddle, so I can’t blame them for trying him for that. The Doctor should know that he should have a defence attorney. Oh! Stuff is recorded in “the Matrix.” Well, so far this season, he’s less of an asshole. So far he’s kinda reminding me of what very little I know of Sylvester McCoy. Maybe a splash of William Hartnell. The stripy sideburns are definitely… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 143 – The Trial of a Time Lord

Doctor Who Serial 142 – Revelation of the Daleks

Part One Snow? They’re in the UK! Also, that’s so very little snow. “This thing I’m wearing is too tight.” “You eat too much.” OH FUCK YOU, DOCTOR! NO! NOT COOL! Peri should punch that fucker right in the face. Zombies! Also, the cape looks terrible on the Doctor. Is that lady wearing a kippa? There’s a red-headed British actor in this, and I don’t think he played a Weasley. She says “Davros” as “Davrish.” I like it. Part Two Weasley is creepy as fuck. Wow, the Doctor is sending Peri to hang out with the creep of all creeps and completely knowing how much of a creep. 45 minutes… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 142 – Revelation of the Daleks

Doctor Who Serial 141 – Timelash

Part One This doesn’t look like 12th century Earth. Nice to know the Doctor appreciates a good safety belt. “I am the Borat! And I do not tolerate disloyalty.” Very nice! No 12th century Earth for the Doctor. Does this sound like I predicted this? If you’re ever being attacked by a beekeeper, be sure to place a potted plant into his hands. He’ll scream and fall down. Part Two Today I learned that if you show an android its reflection, it breaks. This is trippy as shit in the Time Lash. The Doctor murdered Borat.

Doctor Who Serial 140 – The Two Doctors

Part One Yay! Jamie and the Doctor!!!!! I’m so excited. I love Patrick Troughton as the Doctor so much. I love the bickering between the Doctor and Jamie. But Jamie only knows of the Time Lords, if this is after they wiped his memory. The chef’s dressed to look like a Scottish pantomime. “Who are you smiling at, you hairy legged highlander?” The Doctor can be such an asshole to his companions. The difference is the second Doctor very obviously loves Jamie and it’s in jest. I thought it was just Americans who say “walla” when they mean voilà. Apparently British people in the ’80s, too. There’s been way too… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 140 – The Two Doctors

Doctor Who Serial 139 – The Mark of The Rani

Part One Okay, this is just turning into a fashion blog. Maybe I’ll start writing about the Great British Sewing Bee (just finished season 5). What the hell is Peri wearing? That white skirt is a really bad idea. And those shoulder? Yuck! At least Doctor Who is talking about environmental protections, but 40 years later, and we did nothing. Don’t you hate when your horse-drawn wagon gets carjacked? *gasp* It’s the Master. HAHA! I love when Time Lords/Ladies peel off a face. The Master totes has a boner for the Rani. Oh, Master, yes, “claptrap” is a great use of language, I approve. Is this the end for our… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 139 – The Mark of The Rani

Doctor Who Serial 138 – Vengeance on Varos

Part One Hey dude, I understand. I too hate when beams of light are shone on my stomach. The creature design in Doctor Who is so bad. This is something that Doctor Who still has a problem with. Also, this reminds me of the Star Wars prequels, all they talk about is trade. Wait. Peri is wearing the exact same outfit as the last story, except in blue, and this time properly fitting. So many dividends. Now I wish Vincent Adultman was in this episode of Doctor Who. Except those shorts. They do not fit. If they wanted to show off Peri’s body, they should have fitted those shorts a… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 138 – Vengeance on Varos

Doctor Who Serial 137 – Attack of the Cybermen

Part One Hello, season 22! Never split up when you’re in the wrong tunnel. That pink romper doesn’t fit on Peri very well, for one, her left boob is squished, secondly, it looks like it’s hunching her over. Oh, it’s a heist episode. The roundels look like they could use a fresh coat of paint. The head of this heist must know that being this much of an asshole will get these guys to rat on you if you get caught, right? Oh, it’s not a romper, it’s a unitard with a pair of shorts? Jamie could be a woman’s name, why is she so confused. Also, I miss Jamie.… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 137 – Attack of the Cybermen

Doctor Who Serial 136 – The Twin Dilemma

Part One Wow, I’m surprised they started Colin Baker’s era with a pair of lesbians playing backgammon. Well, it’s just their haircuts. Romulus and Remus are jackasses. Well, they’re doing a great job at making me think the Doctor is an asshole. Now that’s fashion! Peri’s outfit is great, though. So we have a terrible companion, and a Doctor who’s an asshole and choking her out. Oh! Bunny wabbit monster! Part Two What is with Peri’s outfit? The tartan top with no fitting whatsoever? I think the only point of that top is this shot I’m looking at right now that is right down her shirt. That skirt is way… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 136 – The Twin Dilemma

Doctor Who Serial 135 – The Caves of Androzani

Part One Wow, they layering of video is not very Doctor Who. And it looks horrible. I’d say those outfits are rip offs of Deep Space Nine uniforms, but this is a decade earlier. Peri screams as much as Susan. Android rebels???? YES! OH DAMN! I thought the red ones makde it look like DS9 uniforms. Now there are yellow and blue. And the Doctor just introduced Peri as Perpugilliam Brown. Someone was dropping acid when writing. I hate close-talkers. “Suggests I take 0.3 of a centilitre every day.” If you’re going to put in decimals and use a non-frequently used measurement of a litre, might as well just day… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 135 – The Caves of Androzani