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Doctor Who Serial 142 – Revelation of the Daleks

Part One

Snow? They’re in the UK! Also, that’s so very little snow.

“This thing I’m wearing is too tight.” “You eat too much.” OH FUCK YOU, DOCTOR! NO! NOT COOL! Peri should punch that fucker right in the face.


Also, the cape looks terrible on the Doctor.

Is that lady wearing a kippa?

There’s a red-headed British actor in this, and I don’t think he played a Weasley.

She says “Davros” as “Davrish.” I like it.

Part Two

Weasley is creepy as fuck.

Wow, the Doctor is sending Peri to hang out with the creep of all creeps and completely knowing how much of a creep.

45 minutes is too long of an episode length.

“My vision is impaired! I cannot see!”

The good part of Davros is his ability to take dialogue away from the Daleks.

The Doctor loves to destroy a place and leave in his TARDIS just in time.

Really? They ended the season on mid-sentence. They must have thought they were so clever. It didn’t work.

The next story is “The Trial of a Time Lord,” which is a 14 part story, encompassing all of season 23. Don’t expect a new post as quickly as the last few were. This will take time to watch all 14 parts. At least it’s going back to a 25 minute running time.

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