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Doctor Who Story 226 – Asylum of the Daleks

I feel like Moffat just throws ideas at the Doctor Who wall and thinks “that’s a good enough explanation.

Like why is Amy suddenly a model? Why is Amy separated from Rory? Why is Rory suddenly an asshole? Oh yeah, you’re never going to explain that.

Why are they playing Wizard of Oz music?

Why is Clara so bad at making soufflés? It’s not that hard.

I hate that they’re wasting the first episode on Clara. I want more Amy and Rory, and they’re about to leave the show.

So they didn’t talk for years? That’s why they split up? What fucking stupidity. Also, adoption is a thing. Also, you have a child.

I hate Clara’s story so much.

God damn! Oh look, we didn’t talk, and I kicked him out of my house, because I made stupid assumptions and now I’m letting him back in and we’re not going to actually talk about what we need to talk about.

Doctor Who Story 225 – The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe


That just made me sad that Amy wasn’t there.

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

I don’t remember anything at all about this Christmas special.

Is the Doctor just hanging out in the the vacuum of space? Wow this is more ridiculous than Doctor Who normally is.

How can the Doctor fall from space and be fine, but yet, he falls off a small tower and regenerates into Peter Davison.

I remember absolutely none of this.

Now I remember this, and now I want the Doctor as my caretaker.

Why aren’t Amy and Rory in this?

Oh, it’s Bill Bailey.

This episode is so bad.

Oh my god, that courtship is creepy as hell. “He followed me home.”

Two years? He keeps on being an asshole to Amy and Rory.

They should have just been in the episode.

Good As Gold

I have no idea what this is. Oh this is also written by children. *sigh*

Children shouldn’t write Doctor Who.

Pond Life

This is better, it’s written by adults.

The Doctor shouldn’t rap.

I want an Ood, they seem like lovely people.

Amy and Rory splitting is not explained in this, and it’s never explained in the upcoming series.

Doctor Who Story 224 – The Wedding of River Song

Death Is The Only Answer

This is terrible, but it was written by children, so that makes sense.


Oh god, the stupid nursery rhyme.

The Wedding of River Song

I want a balloon attached to my car.

Moffat’s trying to be clever and over-complicated, and while this makes some sense, it’s put together so poorly.

Aww, the Brigadier passed away.

I don’t care about this alternative timeline. Why are they focusing so much on this? This is really why Moffat is bad.

Why are they getting married? This isn’t necessary to get out of their predicament. Also, why is he going through all of this, he had a plan, this could have been solved in 5 minutes. It was a terrible episode.

Doctor Who Story 223 – Closing Time

I watched this one late last night when I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t bring my laptop, so I didn’t write notes.

So the obvious thing to do is to compare “Closing Time” with “The Lodger.” What’s the Lodger? It was the other episode with James Corden.

Both episodes had a mediocre story. Both episodes are Amy/Rory-light episodes. Both episodes are silly. The problem though is that while “The Lodger” has a rough idea of a story, it doesn’t focus on it, the episode is really about the relationship between Craig (James Corden) and the Doctor (Matt Smith, do I need to write that?). “Closing Time” is very plot focused, plus it adds a screaming baby.

Screaming babies should be banned from television (and the world).

While there are some really cute moments in the story–Alfie calling himself Stormageddon, the Doctor’s love of his name tag, companion vs partner–so much time is spent focusing on the Cybermen, and we never really care. I’m more interested in why Amy is a model now. Also the fact that it’s been about 200 years since we last saw the Doctor in the previous episode, and why? What is gained by that 200 year jump. His circumstances have no changed and it’s only because a they established those 200 years in “The Impossible Astronaut.”

Overall, it was a sequel that didn’t need to exist.

Doctor Who Story 222 – The God Complex

I don’t think I had seen this episode more than once. It left a bad taste in my mouth originally. I actually like this more than I expected. I don’t love the concept of it, but I really do like the guest cast and how the characters interact. Surprisingly, I even like David Walliams.

So this is apparently the end of companions living on the TARDIS with the Doctor for the remainder of Moffat’s time as showrunner. I really don’t know why and I really don’t like this concept of the Doctor popping and in and out of his companions’ lives. The Doctor travels with someone and doesn’t come back. I think that’s a core part of his character.

Doctor Who Story 221 – The Girl Who Waited

So I apparently have 137 videos left to watch. If I watch one a day, I will finish on September 12, 2021. I wouldn’t mind finishing by June 30th, which means I’d have to watch 2.17 videos a day (some are Confidentials, some was webisodes), I think I can do this.

I remember liking this episode. I hope it’s still good.

I like that this episode actually shows Amy being smart. I’ve said it before, but it’s a nice change from Tennant’s companions where they never showed us but expected us to believe it.

Now that I’m seeing old Amy, I’m remembering that I hated the resolution of killing old Amy.

Doctor Who needs more consequences. Amy should have stayed that way.

Hug her, Rory!

Why the fuck should Rory get any say in which Amy to take back? It’s Amy decision, it’s her.

I really do enjoy how you doubt that Amy loves Rory, and she’s so mean to him, but they do show that she loves him.

Fuck you, Doctor. Fuck you so much. Oh and fuck you even more for making Rory choose. That is cruel.

Doctor Who Story 220 – Night Terrors

If you’re wondering where Torchwood series 4 is, I’m watching in order by air date, and while most of series 4 has aired, the last few episodes were aired between the start of the back half of this Doctor Who series. I’ll probably be finishing Torchwood right after this episode, so it’s definitely coming next, and also, expect it soon.

Oh god, a child calling out to the Doctor. Ugh.

This episode is already pissing me off and we’re only 6 minutes in.

Yup, still annoyed at the end of the episode.

Doctor Who Story 219 – Let’s Kill Hitler


So is the Doctor ever going to tell her that she’s going to never be a mom to River?

Let’s Kill Hitler

It’s so creepy that Mels has idolized the Doctor long before she married him.

Their security system is terrible.

Oh River.

I like the Doctor’s love of young Amelia Pond.

Doctor Who monsters need to stop announcing their intention to kill.

Doctor Who Story 218 – A Good Man Goes to War


They’re imprisoning a child?

A Good Man Goes To War

Let’s talk about the title of this episode. Do they actually think he’s a good man? He isn’t.

They’re trying to make Rory a bad ass, but he ain’t a bad ass. Even as “the last centurion.”

I like Alex Kingston.

Moffat has this bad habit of half-introducing something and thinking it’s good enough. And he does it so much in this episode.

Oh, okay, they acknowledge that he is not a good man. That’s more self-awareness than I expect from Moffat.

Get in the fucking TARDIS, Amy and Melody.

Doctor Who Story 217 – The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

The Rebel Flesh

It should be stated that Matt Smith’s era of Doctor Who looks a lot better than David Tennant’s.

It’s Chris from Life on Mars… a show he’s in with the Master!

That gif is reminding me of when the Doctor had an electric guitar. Not looking forward to that.

We need more Dusty Springfield.

This is a very cliched Doctor Who story. It feels like it would fit as a boring Jon Pertwee story.

He keeps on saying cocarell.

This concept has potential, but Star Trek: The Next Generation did that with two Rikers.

The Almost People

Jesus, Doctor, why are you attacking Amy?

Oh my god! After all that fucking time about how the Flesh are people and deserve to live, the Doctor just goes and murders the Flesh Amy. What is wrong with these writers?