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Doctor Who Serial 135 – The Caves of Androzani

Part One Wow, they layering of video is not very Doctor Who. And it looks horrible. I’d say those outfits are rip offs of Deep Space Nine uniforms, but this is a decade earlier. Peri screams as much as Susan. Android rebels???? YES! OH DAMN! I thought the red ones makde it look like DS9 uniforms. Now there are yellow and blue. And the Doctor just introduced Peri as Perpugilliam Brown. Someone was dropping acid when writing. I hate close-talkers. “Suggests I take 0.3 of a centilitre every day.” If you’re going to put in decimals and use a non-frequently used measurement of a litre, might as well just day… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 135 – The Caves of Androzani

Doctor Who Serial 134 – Planet of Fire

Part One Can we chant the title like it’s Wheel of Fortune? Planet! Of! Fire!!!!! Good necklace, my dudes. Oh! Their house is a series of domes. I like it. I like that vortex of smoke. “These items are fragile… except this butt plug.” Hmm, they filmed this in Spain. That’s a strange thing for Doctor Who especially how cheap it is. We know they will do it again for “The Two Doctors.” Kamelion being there must have confused so many casual viewers. And there’s Peri with a topless hunky man. Wow, Peri’s American accent is terrible. Oh, Peri likes the butt plug. Peri in a bikini is not a… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 134 – Planet of Fire

Doctor Who Serial 128 – The King’s Demons

Part One Can we talk about the disembodied heads in the opening credits for a second… why? Who thought this was a good idea? Who thought you should keep doing that 20 years later? They do it until the end of the classic run, and honestly, they shouldn’t. Oooo, a royal feast. Yum yum yum. If the King calls you “Lord Doctor,” does that mean you have a seat in the House of Lords? “We take your council, demon.” I’m liking this story already. So the king seems strange, and I know Anthony Ainley is in this episode. So I’m pretty sure that it’s the Master. The Doctor has 20… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 128 – The King’s Demons