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Doctor Who Story 202 – The End of Time


A decent story about Area 51 would be nice, but I don’t think this is it. But it’s nice that David and Georgia got to work together again. I assume they were a couple by this point.

The Doctor making Die Hard and Alien references is great.

I wouldn’t mind the Doctor having an indigenous companion.

Uh oh, the military is controlled by an alien.

This animation style makes David Tennant look sickly.

There’s too many groups in this story. The US military, the Roswell Greys, the insects, the swarm, the robots.

People pick up the TARDIS way too easily.

Doctor, don’t set up other people with your wife. Well, unless you’re into that, you kinky bastard.

The End of Time Part One

Ahhh, it starts with narration, always a terrible sign.


People are stupid if they are trying to resurrect the Master.

They’re really playing the Master as too insane. It’s not enjoyable.

The narration is horrible. Sorry Mr. Bond.

What’s with the Master wanting to eat people? Also, I feel sorry for John Simm and all these shots of him eating.

This father daughter duo are gross. Like Trump and his daughter.

That’s a good hallway for the Doctor to run in.

More talking heads on news programs.

Boo! Wilfred is now trapped.

The head shaking special effect is so bad. Though most of this story is so bad.

“There is only the Master race.” Dude, I don’t think you know what that means.

“For Gallifrey!”

The End of Time Part Two

I really wish David Tennant’s ending wasn’t so bad, but at least I have tasty quiche.

It’s so strange that the lords of time resort to prophesy.

I don’t believe that 7 billion Masters would defer authority to the original one. I think you’d have fun chaos.

“He loves playing with Earth girls.” Well, “Earth Girls Are Easy.”

Why does the Doctor have such a huge hard on for the Master?

God, this show is so bad! James Bond throws a diamond from his place in this time lock at a picture of Earth and it just shows up on Earth?

What’s with sci-fi and senates and big open pits and balconies over it?

Remember when the Doctor fell from a tower and regenerated into Peter Davison? And now he can just jump out of a spaceship and crash to the floor?

The Master I know loves being the Master. I can’t believe that he’s so upset about being who he is. Also, Gallifrey is huge.

The Doctor is a bit cruel to Wilfred.

Honestly, the Doctor should leave him. Have him dictate a note to the Doctor for his daughter and Donna. Probably separate notes.

I can’t believe that made Mickey and Martha get married. They are so bad.

David Tennant’s Doctor is always so sad. It will be really nice to have a less sad Doctor.

It is nice to see all the Doctor’s companions one final time.

Hello Matt Smith, Goodbye David Tennant.

Doctor Who Story 187 – Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords


Jack gripping onto the TARDIS screaming “DOCTOR!” Is great.

Chantho is a terrible concept.

David Tennant’s gleeful smile at the thought of exploring this world is the best.

I love Martha and Jack together.

Still using projectile weapons at the end of the universe.

The Professor seems to recognize the TARDIS.

The Doctor can be angry, too angry.

God, the flashing of Y-A-N-A is horrible.

I really like Derek Jacobi as the Master.

The Sound of Drums

I don’t think Russell Davies understands how parliamentary democracies work.

John Simm’s scowl face is perfection.

The comical time bomb attached to the TV is so Looney Tunes.

That was a lot of bouncing bullets for a tiny car.

John Simm is perfection!

Jack also having a crush on the Doctor is great.

Wait, when Missy was a lady and the Doctor was Peter Capaldi, why didn’t they fuck and procreate and repopulate the Time Lord species?

“Jelly baby?”

President-Elect? And he gets to fly on Air Force One?

Oh, the old man make up…

Last of the Time Lords

Martha Jones is indeed a bit of a legend.

“I’m traveling with a doctor.” GET IT???? GET IT????

This is the campest episode of the campest show.

Oh Martha, it’s been a year, give up on your silly crush. Help the Doctor and the world, but don’t think of him as a potential boyfriend.


The super old, tiny Doctor in a birdcage is horrible.

Oh god, the resolution of this episode is so bad.

The Doctor is vengeful, and yet he forgive the Master who killed so much of humanity.

I think the resolution of this story might be the lowest point in Doctor Who history. What the fuck was Russell Davies thinking?

Sex Traffic

Sex Traffic is a two part CBC/BBC coproduction from 2004 starring John Simm1 and Peter Caine2. The show follows some women who are looking to leave Bosnia to make a better life for themselves in London. They end up as sex workers, beaten, bruised, and the lives of their children threatened.

John Simm works in London for a charity. He has compassion and wants to stop this. Peter Caine is CEO of a company that provides “police” a la the UN peacekeepers. They even wear blue barrettes.

It’s definitely not a fun romp. Scenes of rape, and abuse, and an alumni from Kung Fu: The Legend Continues are all things that might keep you away from the series, but it’s good enough to sit through it.

  1. The Master in Doctor Who, and Sam Tyler in Life on Mars. []
  2. From Kung Fu: The Legend Continues! []

State of Play

Britain, Britain, Britain. This weekend I watched the new Doctor Who, but I also watched a six-part BBC drama called State of Play. The show is a political drama, which takes place in London. It starts with the murder of a young black man, by a professional killer. That same morning, a young woman jumps in front of a subway train. 

Her boss/lover, Steven Collins (Member of Parliament for a Manchester-area riding) hasn’t been an MP for long, but he’s making waves. He’s heading up a cross-party energy committee, and is seen as a contender for a cabinet post. His public grief at the loss of his employee make it rather obvious that the two were involved in an extra-marital affair, which leads to much tension at home, and he runs to his confidant and former campaign manager Cal McCaffrey. McCaffrey also just happens to be a reporter for the Herald.

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That covers the first five minutes, and then it gets complicated. It’s a political drama/murder mystery/thriller and could be used as the pinnacle of the genre. The dialogue is tremendous and the casting is as good as it can get. As the MP is David Morrissey (Doctor Who, Blackpool, Red Riding); as the lead reporter is John Simm (Doctor Who, Life on Mars, Sex Traffic);  Marc Warren (Doctor Who, Hustle) plays Dominic Foy, Collins’ girlfriend’s ex; Bill Nighy (Doctor WhoHitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Shaun of the Dead) as the newspaper editor; Kelly Macdonald (Trainspotting, Gosford Park, No Country for Old Men) is among the reporting team for the Herald; Polly Walker (Caprica, Patriot Games) plays Anne Collins, the wife of Steven; Philip Glenister (Life on Mars, Ashes To Ashes1 ) plays Detective Chief Inspector Bell.

All of these actors are in roles that are perfect for them. The only thing that’s off is Glenister’s William Bell is well portrayed, but too similar, yet so different than his defining role as DCI Gene Hunt in Life On Mars and its spin-off Ashes To Ashes. Hunt, a character known to be such as asshole, but yet so loveable copper who spits out such charming statements as “It’s the first time I’ve heard shit stabbing, called innocent!” In contract DCI Bell is timid, hands tied by the law, and to put it simply, a weenie.

I can easily see why it was remade into a film in the United States. It’s damn good, but a shame that it was probably bastardized, I really don’t want to see what Matt Damon did with a role originally portrayed by an actor as talented as David Morrissey. Worse still, to see Russell Crowe brutalize a John Simm character is potentially heart-breaking. It was bad enough to see Jason O’Mara take one of the most interesting characters in television, Sam Tyler, and turn him into a bland and boring piece of cardboard. I will give credit to Harvey Keitel for doing an okay job at translating Glenister’s DCI Hunt for US audiences.

Enough about Life on Mars, the important thing is State of Play which is worth a six-hour investment in your life for some excellent drama.

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