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Sex Traffic

Sex Traffic is a two part CBC/BBC coproduction from 2004 starring John Simm1 and Peter Caine2. The show follows some women who are looking to leave Bosnia to make a better life for themselves in London. They end up as sex workers, beaten, bruised, and the lives of their children threatened.

John Simm works in London for a charity. He has compassion and wants to stop this. Peter Caine is CEO of a company that provides “police” a la the UN peacekeepers. They even wear blue barrettes.

It’s definitely not a fun romp. Scenes of rape, and abuse, and an alumni from Kung Fu: The Legend Continues are all things that might keep you away from the series, but it’s good enough to sit through it.

  1. The Master in Doctor Who, and Sam Tyler in Life on Mars. []
  2. From Kung Fu: The Legend Continues! []

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