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David Tennant

Doctor Who Story 240 – The Day of the Doctor

“The Day of the Doctor” is the 50th anniversary special, but it was preceded and succeeded by many many other pieces that were airing throughout that year. This post will cover them all. I’m going to add to this, that this 50th anniversary was what inspired me to watch every episode of Doctor Who. It took a long time to get this point. Almost 10 years. I’m proud of myself, good job Adam! The Doctors Revisited: The First Doctor “As a kid I found the Doctor terrifying,” said Neil Gaiman. Yeah, he was a complete asshole. Oh nice, they got Ian to be interviewed. The ladies are so overcome by… Read More »Doctor Who Story 240 – The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who Story 202 – The End of Time

Dreamland A decent story about Area 51 would be nice, but I don’t think this is it. But it’s nice that David and Georgia got to work together again. I assume they were a couple by this point. The Doctor making Die Hard and Alien references is great. I wouldn’t mind the Doctor having an indigenous companion. Uh oh, the military is controlled by an alien. This animation style makes David Tennant look sickly. There’s too many groups in this story. The US military, the Roswell Greys, the insects, the swarm, the robots. People pick up the TARDIS way too easily. Doctor, don’t set up other people with your wife.… Read More »Doctor Who Story 202 – The End of Time

Doctor Who story xx – The Sarah Jane Adventures series 3

Prisoner of the Judoon They’ve added a saga sell to the beginning of the episodes. Quantum Leap always had the best one. Watching The Sarah Jane Adventures right after Torchwood‘s “Children of Earth” makes me think that Jack should have called Sarah Jane. She has expertise of working with children. How does Sarah Jane know about the Judoon? I love the spray bottle. “Mr Smith, if your central processor fully functional?” Well that escalated quickly. Mr Smith is going to blow up all of Bannerman Road. Wow, Elizabeth Sladen is terrible at playing the baddy. I hate saying this. Wow, I think that’s the first contract security that act realistically.… Read More »Doctor Who story xx – The Sarah Jane Adventures series 3

Doctor Who Story 201 – The Waters of Mars

Before this aired most of series 3 of Sarah Jane Adventures had aired, but the blog post will be after this one, as there’s two more episodes. I am watching in order, though. You don’t tend to see the Doctor in a spacesuit as he leaves the TARDIS. That robot’s adorable. Gadget Gadget needs a bit of work. It’s gotta suck being the Doctor, you can’t go anywhere and just enjoy yourself. Like most Doctor Who stories, this story makes absolutely no sense. When the Doctor replies to Brook to tell her the reason he’s telling her about her family’s future is “for consolation” is heart wrenching. Put on spacesuits.… Read More »Doctor Who Story 201 – The Waters of Mars

Doctor Who Story 200 – Planet of the Dead

I recall enjoying this episode, but another one I don’t think I’ve seen more than once, or at least not since 2010. This is really bad security. There’s no laser roof. There should be a laser roof. Don’t take off your mask while you’re still in the museum. That’s the stupidest idea, ever. Why do the holiday specials need to have some element of the holiday? I guess it works that I’m watching this episode on Good Friday. I’m just annoyed there’s never been a Pesach special or a Yom Kippur episode. Why is UNIT arriving for a simple heist? Oh god, alien hands pointing at screens. Worst Doctor Who… Read More »Doctor Who Story 200 – Planet of the Dead

Doctor Who Story 199 – The Next Doctor

David Morrissey is great as the Doctor. The Doctors sliding on their butts is fun. “The Doctor’s companion does what the Doctor says.” He’s never been the Doctor before. “How’s it sonic?” *tap tap tap* “It makes a noise.” So Morrissey found a data tube with info on the Doctor, got zapped, forgot his memories and thought he was the Doctor. This is a really nice story of someone wanting to help and wanting to be more than he is. I don’t think I’ve seen this episode more than once, and it’s mch better than I remembered. I like Rosita and would’ve loved her as a full time companion. DELETE!… Read More »Doctor Who Story 199 – The Next Doctor

Doctor Who Story 198 – The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End

The Stolen Earth The milkman looks like Spike. Are there still milkmen in Britain? Someone stole Earth. Martha! Wilf is the best companion. Good news, Rose is there to save the day! They all got into the opening credits, that’s nice. Russell Davies loves newscasters. Really? This is what she bothers with? The Earth has been moved and spaceships are en route, and she’s worrying about looters? Jealous Ianto. Martha is on a bluetooth headset with Jack, yet the general she’s conversing with in person hears Jack telling her not to do it. Wilfred with the paintball gun is fun. “Do you have a webcam?” “She wouldn’t let me, says… Read More »Doctor Who Story 198 – The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End

Doctor Who Story 197 – Turn Left

That accent is horrible. I remember this episode was terrible, but also I remember it not making sense. Donna’s mom is cruel. The “there’s something on your back” makes no sense. It’s Rose! Martha is dead. :( Sarah Jane Smith is also dead. :( That’s horrible. And the kids from the show. Yikes, this episode is dark. Rose is back. Now the Queen is dead. This is really dark. Ianto and Gwen are dead, too. That dude is way too positive about being sent to a labour camp. Wilf is shaking his head sad that Donna knows so little about history. I’m also doing that, but I expected it. The… Read More »Doctor Who Story 197 – Turn Left

Doctor Who Story 196 – Midnight

I don’t think I’ve seen this episode more than once. I hated it as a kid. Oh, it’s Scott from Scott & Bailey. Doctor, you held up that cup way too high for that much shorter woman to toast you with. This is so bad. Yikes. According to Wikipedia, “Russell T Davies has stated that the episode was inspired by the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ‘Darmok’.” Dude, you failed.

Doctor Who Story 195 – Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead

Silence in the Library Woo! It’s time for Amy’s daughter… yeah, I spoiled that for you, you’re gonna just have to deal with that. I forgot about the little kid and her therapist. Ahh, the start of “spoilers,” something I never loved. Oh yeah, River sent the Doctor a message. River Song’s first line is “Hello sweetie.” “Oh, I’m pretty boy?” This concept of two loves who time travel and one has never met the other before is heart-wrenching. I would have loved if there were more episodes with River and David Tennant. Donna’s howls of pains are horrible. The ghosting is creepy, but not as creepy as Donna makes… Read More »Doctor Who Story 195 – Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead