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Colin Baker

Doctor Who Serial 136 – The Twin Dilemma

Part One Wow, I’m surprised they started Colin Baker’s era with a pair of lesbians playing backgammon. Well, it’s just their haircuts. Romulus and Remus are jackasses. Well, they’re doing a great job at making me think the Doctor is an asshole. Now that’s fashion! Peri’s outfit is great, though. So we have a terrible companion, and a Doctor who’s an asshole and choking her out. Oh! Bunny wabbit monster! Part Two What is with Peri’s outfit? The tartan top with no fitting whatsoever? I think the only point of that top is this shot I’m looking at right now that is right down her shirt. That skirt is way… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 136 – The Twin Dilemma

Doctor Who Serial 135 – The Caves of Androzani

Part One Wow, they layering of video is not very Doctor Who. And it looks horrible. I’d say those outfits are rip offs of Deep Space Nine uniforms, but this is a decade earlier. Peri screams as much as Susan. Android rebels???? YES! OH DAMN! I thought the red ones makde it look like DS9 uniforms. Now there are yellow and blue. And the Doctor just introduced Peri as Perpugilliam Brown. Someone was dropping acid when writing. I hate close-talkers. “Suggests I take 0.3 of a centilitre every day.” If you’re going to put in decimals and use a non-frequently used measurement of a litre, might as well just day… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 135 – The Caves of Androzani

Doctor Who Serial 123 – Arc of Infinity

Part One Well that was obvious that those were Time Lords, I guess they’re so well established by now that we know what to expect. “The Dutch are civilized, they’re not going to put you in jail for losing a passport.” I really expected it to be about cannabis. I hate when other people painfully superimpose themselves over me. Was that a weeping angel? Colin Baker! I wonder if we’ll ever see him again. The Doctor just shot the Doctor!!! That explains why no one liked Colin Baker. Part Two Aliens use lighting gels as paper. That’s how it should be. Good hair, Tegan. Now that I remember that Tegan… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 123 – Arc of Infinity