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Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart

Doctor Who Story 252 – Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Dark Water Looks like they finally killed someone off… too bad it’s not going to last. Though Danny is the only one who isn’t terrible. Clara don’t be a shit and save your boyfriend’s life. Wow, Clara is an asshole. The fact that the Doctor continues travelling with Clara is ridiculous. He kicked out Sarah Jane for nothing, but now he lets Clara get away with this bullshit. Oh fuck you, Doctor. That squishing sound when she puts her fingers into the TARDIS controls. Hey, it’s him! I wish this was nearly as funny as Thick of It. That R roll is very Sylvester McCoy. Danny Pink, don’t be sad.… Read More »Doctor Who Story 252 – Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Doctor Who story xx – The Sarah Jane Adventures series 2

The Last Sontaran Oh my god! The UI on her music player. The past was so weird. Goblin’s Copse? That’s the name of the village? British people are weird. Call an ambulance, she hit her head. Oh yeah, call the police, too. There’s a missing person. Sarah Jane is being a bitch to Maria. It’s a cloaked Sontaran! I’m impressed by the Sontaran actor’s ability to run in that costume. Call UNIT, Maria and Luke! Or at least call Mr Smith and have him call UNIT. They could have brought Martha into The Sarah Jane Adventure. I really like the single balloon falling around when Mr Smith opens. I wish… Read More »Doctor Who story xx – The Sarah Jane Adventures series 2

Doctor Who Serial xx – Dimensions in Time

Part One Jon Pertwee looks great! I have no idea who this person Pertwee is talking to, but it’s just the intro. Wow, those models of Hartnell and Troughton are terrible. As is this version of the theme, terrible. Tom Baker is great, “the grumpy one and the flautist.” McCoy’s hair is too long, the hippy! Wow, that doesn’t look like 2013. I feel like they’re trying to smoosh in too many lines for too many people. Susan looks good. I forgot how much I hate Peri’s terrible accent. I’m voting for Big Ron. Part Two “We’re helping Children in Need in Crinkly Bottom” wait, what??? Of course, Bessy makes… Read More »Doctor Who Serial xx – Dimensions in Time

Doctor Who Serial 152 – Battlefield

It’s incredible. Season 26, the final season of Doctor Who. It’s been a long journey. Part One The Brigadier is back, and he’s old and retired. And now we have UNIT and a new Brigadier. She’s a lady. “Too late, we’ve already arrived.” Then the TARDIS appears. He was wrong. It’s a knight on an elevator! I thought maybe that would be psychic paper, but it’s Liz Shaw’s old credentials. This Brigadier needs to be briefed. Lethbridge-Stewart’s daughter is much better at knowing what came before her. Once again, there are two BIPOC in this story. Doctor Who is getting better. One of them is even the leader of UNIT.… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 152 – Battlefield

Doctor Who Serial 150 – Silver Nemesis

Holy crap! 150 serials in! This is incredible. I’m on my seventh Doctor. 25th season. 150th serial. “The serial marks the final appearance of the Cybermen in the original run.” DELETE! Part One Fucking hell. I have to deal with Nazis in real life, and now on Doctor Who, too? Ace and the Doctor are enjoying some smooth jazz in a garden. Ace, I also hope your tape is alright. It’s 1988, the Doctor makes Ace a boombox and he doesn’t include a CD player? While he was at it, he should’ve put in an MP3 player. Time travelling wizards? “We won’t harm you,” says the Doctor to some Nazis…… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 150 – Silver Nemesis

Doctor Who Serial 129 – The Five Doctors

Doctor Who loves that “One day, I shall come back” clip. Richard Hurndall doesn’t look much like William Hartnell. “Just a twinge of ‘Cosmic Angst.’” That’s my band name. Cosmic Angst. The nerdy teenagers will love it! God damn, just 30 seconds with Patrick Troughton makes me happy. He’s so good. Best Doctor. The Brigadier says that someone is his replacement and Troughton replies, “yes, mine was pretty unpromising, too.” Now I have no idea how he knows that as a character, but damn, I love that line, so much. Jon Pertwee’s abduction wasn’t as great as I would have wanted. Sarah Jane has a greater part to play in… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 129 – The Five Doctors