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The Muppets

As a child I remember watching episodes of The Muppet Show on YTV. I remember watching over and over all the Muppet films on VHS, seeing Muppet Treasure Island in the theatre, loving Muppets Tonight and enjoying other Jim Henson works like Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock. Sadly, I also remember terrible Muppet work like, well this: Now I won’t deny, that terrible example of what The Muppets can be, did have one redeeming quality… when Fozzie asked the Wizard of Oz if he was related to Frank Oz. When I found out that Jason Segel was writing it, I was excited. He proved himself a capable comedy writer with Forgetting Sarah Marshall and has made us laugh with How I Met… Read More »The Muppets

#Rocktober 30 volume 31: Logan’s Run

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce. Well, the tale comes to an end. October is over, and it seems I’m old. Not much I can do about this. I watched Logan’s Run with some friends. For those who don’t know, Logan’s Run is a film about a society where they must limit the size of their population by killing anyone at 30. It’s not a brilliant film, but is appropriate for one’s 30th birthday. I’m still hoping to be renewed, but we’ll see.

#Rocktober 30 volume 10: Monsters, Inc.

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce. Yesterday I joined the Millers and we continued our year-long (so far) Pixar marathon. So far we’ve watched Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and Toy Story 2. Last night was Monsters, Inc.! For those who don’t know, the film is about a factory of monsters who gather energy by scaring children. Sully, the top scarer, accidentally lets in a child. The film is about the relationship between the two characters and Sully’s sidekick Mike. It’s hilarious, and adorable, and so much fun. Then we ate pie.

#Rocktober 30 volume 09: Harry Potter and the Ides of March

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce. I went to Scarborough, I feel dirty. But the Kennedy Commons AMC was the only theatre in the City of Toronto showing Harry Potter 8. I had been wanting to see Potter since it was first released all those months ago, but I never got around to it. It was damn good. There’s really not much to say, as anyone who’s interested in seeing this film already has, anyone who doesn’t care already ignored it. I have this strange inability to spend $16 for a film, so after the film,… Read More »#Rocktober 30 volume 09: Harry Potter and the Ides of March

#Rocktober 30 volume 07: 50/50

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce. A certain SOMEBODY cancelled on me last night. So instead of dinner with a friend, I made my way to the Carlton theatre where I saw 50/50. I was originally hoping to find some cinema showing Harry Potter 8, but sadly, it’s out of theatres and gone… I guess I have to wait until I download it. Instead I opted for a film I had never heard of before, but it stars Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt, so why not. Why not?! Well, it’s depressing as hell. The films about… Read More »#Rocktober 30 volume 07: 50/50

Goals for “vacation”

I’m on pseudo-vacation. The school where I work is on break from today until a week Thursday. I’m working on Monday morning, and Wednesday (all day). That leaves ten and a half days for me to do what I please. I’m making goals for this vacation, but they’re kind of lofty goals. Wanna suggest stuff? See people Visit my family1 Visit the Millers See Emily, tonight, post-Sadies, perhaps another time2 Visit Graeme and Heather3 Do some hangouts with Vince Concerts & Events See The Sadies, tonight Ron Sexsmith in-store The Weather Station at Holy Oak, FUCK that’s the second sedar night. Damn goyim. Go to at least one other show… Read More »Goals for “vacation”


I want to say that Incendies was robbed at the Oscars, but the fact that I’ve seen none of the other “Foreign Language”1 films, I can’t judge well, however I must state how amazing and wonderful this film is. Denis Villeneuve is not a newbie to Franco-Canadian cinema, his previous films Maelström and Polytechnique have received huge praise, which I can easily pass on to the former. I’ve yet to see Polytechnique, but I’m looking forward to that. Incendies tells the story of two twenty-something twins who’s mother dies. During the reading of the will they discover her wish to have the son deliver a letter to his brother, and the… Read More »Incendies

Oscar 2011

This year, ten films are nominated for the award of Best Picture. I present to you in order of worst to best. 10. Winter’s Bone This film is the reason why the Academy Awards should not have been extended to ten films. Here we have a boring film about a girl wandering from house to house asking, “Have you seen my daddy?” 9. The Social Network Meh. It’s an okay film, but it’s surely not as AMAZING as everyone was saying it is. It’s an interesting tale, and it’s well filmed, and it’s well acted, but nothing in there is special. Worth watching at least. 8. 127 Hours I wrote… Read More »Oscar 2011

The Green Hornet

I didn’t even know that the Michel Gondry directed Green Hornet had already made it to theatres, let alone playing in rep cinemas. So I was happy for the opportunity to see the film on the cheap. I’m generally fond of Michel Gondry films, and Seth Rogen films, I was curious how the two would mix. I was pleasantly surprised. Gondry’s style works great for a superhero film, and the relationship between The Green Hornet and Kato was well constructed and fun to watch. Jay Chou and Seth Rogen were great in their roles, and even better were Christoph Waltz as the German baddy, and Edward James Olmos as the… Read More »The Green Hornet