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#Rocktober 30 volume 07: 50/50

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce.

A certain SOMEBODY cancelled on me last night. So instead of dinner with a friend, I made my way to the Carlton theatre where I saw 50/50. I was originally hoping to find some cinema showing Harry Potter 8, but sadly, it’s out of theatres and gone… I guess I have to wait until I download it.

Instead I opted for a film I had never heard of before, but it stars Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt, so why not. Why not?! Well, it’s depressing as hell. The films about a dude who gets cancer! Cancer!

So the film starts with Adam (played by Levitt) running, and his back hurts, and that’s what leads him to a doctor, who finds cancer. So even though the character and I share a name, there’s a few good signs there. I neither run, nor visit doctors, so I won’t get cancer.

It was depressing, but really good. It was a character drama, and well written. The grown man next to me in the theatre was balling, so be prepared.


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