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Doctor Who Story 188 – Voyage of the Damned

Time Crash

So this is a Children In Need special that bridges Martha leaving the TARDIS and the TARDIS crashing into the Titanic. It’s a fun one, so I’m quite excited.

I like when the Doctor talks to the TARDIS.

TEE HEE! It’s PETER DAVISON, aka, the Doctor’s father in law. It’s really weird the Doctor married his own daughter.

The soundtrack is great.

Hahaha, the Doctor thinking the Doctor is a fan is fun, and mentioning LINDA.

“No, no beard this time, but a wife.”

“I was always trying to be old and grumpy and important, like you do when you’re young.”

This is such a good eight minutes of Doctor Who, so much love for the show.

Voyage of the Damned

Kylie Minogue! She’s in this!

This is the third episode with the Titanic crashing into the TARDIS. We get it.

Oh yeah, every Christmas episode has to be about Christmas. Goyim.

Did they change the theme? I don’t like it.

Oh god, Max Capricorn.

You don’t have dwell so much on the Doctor being alone.

Wilfred! Maybe the best companion of the Tenant’s.

Well, Lizzy being in Buckingham might pay off in the end.

Alonso… was he in Being Human? Yes he was, he was also in Sherlock and was considered for the 11th Doctor.


The fat couple are lovely.

I also like Bannakaffalatta.

Uh oh, the Host are evil.

Morvin’s death is so sad. I feel bad for Foon.

So many sad deaths. I like Bannakaffalatta.

And now Foon!

I would have loved for Astrid to become a companion.

The Doctor got to snog Kylie Minogue, yowzah!

Kinda wish this story didn’t have Max.

Astrid falling looks so bad.

Oh, Lizzy!

Wait, how did the asshole live?

Aww, in memory of Verity Lambert. :(

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