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Doctor Who Story 167 – The Christmas Invasion

The Christmas Invasion

Aww, Jackie looks so sad.

Okay, speaking of TARDIS sounds being so loud, Mickey can hear it while in a car shop with music blaring.

David Tennant is great, and ending the teaser with “Doctor who?” is wonderful!

I’m excited for Tennant’s run as the Doctor.

“Tina has a lodger, a medical student.” It’s MARTHA!1

Mickey really needs to leave Rose. Why does he care about her. She has no interest in him.

Also, Mickey, her bestie is ill, and she’s worried about him. He’s an asshole to assume that she should ignore that.

Yay! David Tennent is awake! Only took 11 minutes. Much better than our buddy Paul McGann.

Hahaha! The video of the shark coming past the camera on the website that Mickey is on is so bad!

I’m with Harriet Jones. It’s only polite to introduce yourself, even if you’re Prime Minister.

The UNIT dude saying that “of course” they’re not Martians, Martians looks completely different is great.

First mention of Torchwood.

“The Doctor wouldn’t do this, the old Doctor, he’d wake up?” Really if someone is sick, you think he can just magically wake up?

“They control the blood” is absolutely ridiculous. Love it.

You’re in the middle of a national address, and on camera you ask about the royal family?

With Jones asking for the Doctor’s help on national television, you’d think his companions (past, present and future) would assemble.

Rose is once again proving she’s a dummy.

Okay, 40 minutes and the Doctor is back. Hooray for the David Tennant.

The Doctor quoting the Lion King is gold.

Well, that lost hand is going to play a major role in the next few seasons.

“This new hand, it’s a fightin’ hand!” Might be the line that makes every Doctor Who fan love David Tennant. God, Mickey is annoying.

Eccleston’s Doctor would never have hugged Jackie.

I think Jones is right. Humanity cannot rely on a single person, even if it’s the Doctor.

New outfit time!

Mickey’s so sad. She just said she’s never going to stay, so you should move on with your life.

Attack of the Graske

Never seen this before. I imagine it’s going to be terrible. Most interactive things are.

I half expected the opening credits to be say “David Tennant” and “You.”

Rose is seeing Abba at Wembley.

Obviously the grandma is the alien. Grandmas are always the alien.

Grandpa has quite the eyebrows.

Oh! The mom’s eyes just glowed, I think she’s the alien.

It’s Mum, press 1!!!

Oh, it’s a Graske, they’ve been in proper Doctor Who at some point.

Didn’t realize it was a memory game.

  1. It’s not Martha. []

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