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Doctor Who Serial 052 – Doctor Who and the Silurians

Synopsis: UNIT is called to a nuclear power station which is losing power. They find Silurians are waking up, a biped lizard people from Earth’s past.

This is a very interesting episode, mostly because The Doctor is convinced the Silurian people and the Humans can coexist on Earth together. UNIT however is reacting militarily, and some scientists from the power station just don’t believe they exist.

The problem is that the story is seven episodes long. It takes forever for anything interesting to happen, and by forever, I mean three episodes. The first three episodes plod along without creating any interest for the viewer. This is why it has been two weeks since the last Doctor Who entry on this site. I haven’t had any interest in watching this story.

Once you finally get into the story, things move along quickly and excitingly. The story raises some interesting questions, and turns the idea of aliens=monsters on its head.

The format is almost identical to the Matt Smith episodes “The Hungary Earth”/”Cold Blood” but writer Chris Chibnall was better able to condense the story into two episodes.

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