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Doctor Who Serial 047 – The Krotons

Synopsis: A species choose their two finest students and gives them to the Krotons. The Doctor and company discover in the wastelands that these chosen people are being sacrificed. No one has seen the Krotons for millennia.

Oh. My. God. This story opens with one of the most classic Doctor Who moments, ever. A portal opens and a man’s arm reaches into it, but the portal doesn’t open properly or on time. It’s the definition of wobbly sets.


The TARDIS appears in a quarry. This episode is living up to cliché.


My word, what is Zoe wearing?

So the Krotons are killing their people, so their solution is to destroy the learning machines that the Krotons use to brainwash the people. Seems pretty reasonable. So the Krotons send out a penis-like arm with a camera on the end of it, this intimidates The Doctor, and we have the credits to episode 1.

When Zoe and Jamie are the companions there’s a lovely relationship there, and a protective one; not in the traditional man protect woman sense, but the two of them conspire to look after The Doctor, as if he’s a child who needs their help. In many ways The Doctor does need Jamie and Zoe, and they’re there to make sure he gets the friendship and help he requires, whether or not he desires it.


Zoe decides to use the educational machines, so obviously the Krotons choose her for sacrifice. The Doctor must take the test, too, so he can join Zoe and keep her safe. The Doctor trying to keep up with Zoe’s intelligence is quite a humorous scene, and perfectly illustrates why The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe is the best era of Doctor Who.

The Doctor and Zoe successfully escape, but Jamie in his error breaks into the Kroton lair. Jamie is in jeopardy as the credits role on episode two.

In true Doctor Who fashion, the Krotons are the most ridiculous monsters.


Someone is buried under rock, The Doctor asks Zoe to help him remove it. With her extreme intelligence, her willingness to speak her mind, and physical strength, she’s probably the first feminist character in Doctor Who, perhaps one of the only ones.


Zoe pours acid into the Kroton’s liquid storage killing them dead, the trio then sneak off to the TARDIS as the natives music find a way to live without Kroton rule.

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