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Doctor Who Serial 046 – The Invasion


Synopsis: The Doctor and company land on Earth, it has been some time since they met Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, he is now promoted to the rank of Brigadier General, and in command of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, also known as UNIT. An electronics manufacturer is appears to be responsible for some missing people, The Doctor and his companions go looking for answers, and it turns out UNIT is investigating the same thing.

The CEO of the electronics company is a creepy and slimey man who is talking to some unknown forced on the other side of the moon. He is plotting to take over the world, so are the alien force, but the CEO feels he can keep them at bay after he’s used the alien forces for is own good.

At the end of the fourth episode we learn who the aliens are…


Yup, it’s the Cybermen. Dum, dum, dum!

The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe are of course worried. They’ve encountered the Cybermen and know the true danger they possess. They meet a young photographer who quickly bonds with Zoe. Zoe and Isobel decide to go after the Cybermen with Isobel’s camera to prove the existence of these creatures, and gain evidence to get full support from UNIT in Geneva. Of course the girls get into trouble. They are girls, after all.

They briefly use Zoe’s vast intelligence in the episode, but to undo any notion of feminism in the show, a UNIT officer asks, “Can we keep her? She’s much prettier than a computer.” The G4 Cube hadn’t been invented yet.


My biggest complaint would be that The Doctor and Jamie don’t know what a canoe is… this is not a canoe.

Overall, it’s a really fun story, it drags at points, as any 8-part story would, but it’s damn enjoyable. Also, The Doctor dodges Cyberman weapon fire in a most comedic fashion.


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