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Doctor Who Serial 044 – The Dominators

Synopsis: The Doctor finds himself on a peaceful planet with Zoe and Jamie. They encounter a scientific expedition, and some aliens called The Dominators who want to enslave the local population while destroying the planet.


In the previous story, The Doctor, in our future, encountered a nice young scientist named Zoe. He invited her to join him on his journey. This is the first surviving story with Zoe in it, and she joins Jamie to become the best companion pair (perhaps until Rory and Amy).


The Dominators have a terrible fashion sense, but create adorable robots named Quarks. No relation to the bartender.


The robots might be adorable, but they’re not intimidating, and they are a tad too ridiculous when they talk… as most Doctor Who baddies are.


This story is the first surviving story to see the use of the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. A screwdriver that uses sound waves to turn a screw… which now has the ability to work as a torch, too. I wonder what other features it might gain in the future?


The natives have terrible outfits, and Zoe has a camel toe.


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