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Doctor Who Serial 041 – The Web of Fear

Synopsis: A continuation of the missing serial 038, The Abominable Snowmen, the Yeti have returned. Robots disguised as Yeti under the control of the Great Intelligence had years earlier  terrorized a Buddhist monastery. Now, years later the Yeti are terrorizing the London Underground.

Marks the first appearance of Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. Lethbridge-Stewart would later be promoted to Brigadier General and be put in charge of UNIT. According to the TARDIS wikia…

In televised episodes, the Brigadier appeared and interacted with all of the first seven Doctors — though his encounter with the Sixth Doctor in Dimensions in Time is not counted as part of the Doctor Who universe.

The Brigadier would become such an important part of Doctor Who lore that after Nicholas Courtney’s death, the production team added this scene to “The Wedding of River Song.”

We meet this military commander who is intelligent and thoughtful in Lethbridge-Stewart and it’s set in the London underground. Those two points are the best part of this story. The Great Intelligence isn’t a great villain, and the Yeti are a bit boring as his henchmen.

The story dragged, and it didn’t help that one of the episodes is still missing, and was just a reconstruction with snaps.

Story 42, Fury from the Deep, is completely missing.
Story 43, The Wheel in Space, is missing four out of six episodes. It is also the fifth season finale.

See you next time with The Dominators.

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