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When the snow falls this November

Yay! My 400th post!

Last night, I was watching live videos of Julie Doiron, pretty much non-stop. It’s been a few months since I’ve seen her perform live and I guess I’m itching for another Doiron show1. Really? Two months is as long as I can go without a Julie Doiron show? I’m spoiled.

This morning, upon continually flipping past songs I didn’t want to hear, I gave up, and then remembered Julie, so I put my Julie Doiron collection on random.

As I arrived at work, this song was playing. I couldn’t turn it off, I sat in the car until it finished.

I long for snow. Soon.

Here is a copy of that beautiful song, for your beautiful ears.

  1. Joe should send me a copy of that in-store. []

2 thoughts on “When the snow falls this November”

  1. Oh yes, delivery guaranteed in the fullness of time.

    One of my captcha words is “plopril” which is both hilarious and off-putting, like one of those too-evocative anglo-saxon ailments:

    Mrs. Smith: How’s the vicar’s gout?
    Mrs. Jones: He’s feeling so much better. [leans in, whispers] But he ate too much cake and came down with a bit of plopril.

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