Wild Flag

There’s something about “Future Crimes” by Wild Flag that not only evokes an emotional response, but a physical response, too. I’ve never had a song which affects me.

From the opening salvo of drum and guitar, Janet Weiss’ drums pound out a heart thumping beat which actually speeds up my heart as I hear it. Kind of makes me feel slightly sick to my stomach. This didn’t happen with the original 7″ version, but certainly does with the new, faster, album version. Carrie Brownstein’s thumping guitar, and soon comes in Mary Timony’s lead guitar.

It makes me feel slightly ill, but it’s still one of the best songs, ever.

One Thought on “Wild Flag

  1. “Future Crimes” pretty much sums up my mood this fall. If you see a gal bobbing her head on the #TTC, it may be me – listening to this song.

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