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Lessons I’ve Learned In Life

This is perhaps an ongoing series of lessons I have learned in my time as a human.

Lesson 1: Never marry, then subsequently divorce, someone with good taste in music

No matter how you feel about someone, an album might become hard to find. I once had the traumatic experience of splitting a record collection. Yes I was once married1, and then divorced2. When we split there were many records that only one of us cared about such as my Bob Dylan records; there were records that no one wanted, such as Pretty Together by Sloan; and of course records that we both wanted, albums we bought as a couple that we both fell in love with.

Among the records we fought over was This Is It, Here We Go by The Local Rabbits. The fight looked something like this:

Lisa won. So even though my blog’s namesake song is on a CD I don’t have in my collection anymore, I still love that record. Every time the record would play in iTunes, I’d get off the couch, walk over to my CDs, and go to pull it off the shelf, except it’s never there. I got tired of that, so I started looking for it in record stores; HMV, Mike’s Music, Criminal, Soundscapes, Sonic Boom, none of them had it. Every time I was in a record store I’d make my way over to the Local Rabbits section, if I was lucky, they have a second, if I was unlucky, I’d just flip through the “L Misc.” section, breathlessly waiting.

I always seemed to fail. Then today, I went to Sonic Boom, for two reasons 1) to see sexy Ron Sexsmith perform; 2) to pick up Wild Flag’s debut 7″. I excelled at the former while I failed at the latter, but I had an excellent idea, while talking to Jo and Joe, I thought, maybe just maybe, if I went upstairs they’d have This Is It, Here We Go. I dragged Jo along with me upstairs, on this never-ending wild goose chase to find sitting amongst the used CDs a lone disc in the Local Rabbits second, there a beautiful and stunning album called This Is It, Here We Go. And now it sits snugly between their record Basic Concepts and Looper’s Up A Tree.

  1. Yes, some woman was batty enough to fall for me. []
  2. Must’ve come to her senses. []

3 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve Learned In Life”

  1. I didn’t know that me keeping that would cause you so much hardship, LOL. The poor wonderful CD has been sitting in storage for nearly four years. Although you have made me look that much more forward to unpacking it next month!

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