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I can’t believe coalitions are still being discussed. Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff categorically rejected the concept in his open letter on the first day of the campaign. However in last night’s debate, Conservative leader Stephen Harper decided that it wasn’t good enough, as Mr. Ignatieff pointed out that whoever wins the most seats, must then try to gain the support of parliament.

Is Mr. Harper completely out of his mind? Does he have no understanding of our parliamentary democracy whatsoever, or is he just lying to the Canadian public? Every party that is asked to form government, whether it be a majority or a minority, must then ask for the confidence of the House of Commons by passing the Throne Speech.

It’s very simple, to have the moral authority to govern, one must have the support of the majority of the Canadian people, as represented by their democratically elected Members.


The worst part is, for once, I don’t believe that Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe won the English-language debate, instead I think Mr. Haper did. He was able to remain cool and calm while the other party leaders were shouting, and making jack-asses of themselves. The worst, I believe, was when they discussed the recent leak of Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s report on Canada’s misspending during the G8/G20 summits. Ms. Fraser already informed the world that she cannot release the report, as she reports to Parliament, and Parliament is not in session. While Mr. Harper was trying to explain this, the other party leaders were shouting, “release it! Release it!” Acting like school children.

Leader of the New Democratic Party, Jack Layton1 gets the award for Worst Old Person Trying To Be Hip. I’m sorry, “hashtag fail?” “Bling?” I hope to never again see an old white man say “bling.”

I believe Mr. Ignatieff was strongest when speaking of immigration, a point at which when Mr. Duceppe was weakest. Mr. Ignatieff took a strong stand of immigration and criticized the current Conservative Government’s policies. As the majority of Canadians come from immigrants2, it’s an important issue. Canada relies on immigrants, as we’re too smart, and use condoms3, so we must as a nation look outside our borders to expand our population and economy. As a nation we’re proud to be a cultural mosaic, rather than a melting pot4, and as such we’re always happy to see cultures retain their heritage while joining Canada’s ever-changing culture.

  1. Who is also a candidate in my riding, Toronto-Danforth. []
  2. All non-First Nations and Inuit. Some of us more recently than others. []
  3. All the fun, none of the mess. []
  4. Like our neighbours to the south. []

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