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Bible Camp Bloodbath

Last night I read Joey Comeau’s Bible Camp Bloodbath, a tale of murder and death. I’ve long been a fan of Comeau’s work with Emily Horne called A Softer World, but I’ve also enjoyed two of his novels, Overqualified and One Bloody Thing After Another.

One of my favourite parts of this novel, is the blurb on the back, which reads:

Bible Camp Bloodbath is a story about a boy named Martin. Martin is going to Bible Camp, and he’s going to make a lot of new friends. He’s excited, too, but that’s probably because nobody told him what the book is called.

The book isn’t as funny as his previous horror novel, but it’s still got a few laughs in there among the blood and gore. While the previous one was more of a proper novel, Bible Camp Bloodbath reads like a ’70s low budget horror flick. It’s definitely a worthwhile read, and you’ll blow throw it in a few hours.

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