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Julie Doiron *swoon*

On the third (wow, that’s a week ago), I went to see Julie Doiron at the Horseshoe Tavern. There’s something about a Julie Doiron show that is not quite like anyone else’s show. Doiron is so laid back and nervous at the same time; Doiron is comfortable and uncomfortable on the stage. During her shows, she’s joking, and lively, but awkward, and endearing. As an audience member, one just wants to give her a big hug, and tell her everything will be okay, even if she makes a mistake during her set.

Thursday’s show was like that. She played a lot of songs from I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, and Woke Myself Up. She then asked if there were any requests, and the audience started shouting out dozens of songs. Doiron wanted to fill all the requests, and had a few songs of her own that she wanted to sing. She kept on telling the audience, “alright, two more songs, or three, oh and I want to do this one, so four. Four more songs.” Those four songs gradually grew, and she was apologetic, when most of the audience, I’m sure, were thrilled. I was. She sang “Sweeter,” and “Dance Music,” the two songs I would’ve shouted out, if I had shouted one out. Though next time I need to shout out “Wintermitts” as I’ve never heard her perform it, and it’s so beautiful.

Also: Opening was Little Scream. I liked them.

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