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127 Hours

I’ve given a link to my blog to two people today, and in both instances, felt the need to apologize for the lack of current content, and as such, I should actually write something here. We’re going to start with the backlog of film reviews.

So, ladies, and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time to review…

127 Hours

Alright, so this slightly annoying, dude1 goes out to the middle of nowhere, playing in this series of caves, and rocks, and shit, he falls, his arm is pinned between a rock, and the stone wall. He spends 127 hours alone, until he finally cuts his arm off and gets to freedom.

Sounds fun? It’s not.

But oddly enough, it’s an interesting film, and while James Franco is not an easy actor to watch for two hours, it’s still a decent watch. I don’t think it’s Oscar worthy, but whatever.

Is it just me, or is James Fraco’s version of acting equivalent to squinting and grinning?

  1. He’s totally a “dude.” []

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