Doctor Who Story 235 – Hide

Good outfit, lady.

Ghosts and science, you say?

Oh, they made a Ghost Busters joke, they beat me to it. By about 10 years.

I’m liking this episode.

Okay, this got terrible.

Doctor Who Story 234 – Cold War

Oh, it’s Prince Phillip.

These Soviets are very British.

Ice Warriors!

This is surprisingly better than I expected.

Oh wait! Matt Smith is also Prince Phillip.

This is a good less to young children about mutually assured destruction.

How does Clara know where they are?

Doctor Who Story 233 – The Rings of Akhaten

I don’t care enough about Clara to see that much of her childhood or her Doctor-Stalker.

Oh god, there’s singing.

This has everything I don’t want. Children and singing.

Let’s sing and scream at this monster and hey we win!

I hate this.

Doctor Who Story 232 – The Bells of Saint John


Nothing sadder than a grown up swaying on a swing alone.

*gasp* she’s Clara.

The Bells of Saint John

Wifi is evil. Wait until they find out about 5G.

This episode seems to be missing the charm of Doctor Who.

How did the TARDIS door close?

What a terrible, boring and quick resolution.

Doctor Who Story 231 – The Snowmen

The Great Detective

More voiceover?

Aww, grumpy Doctor.

Vastra Investigates

Lesbians! I’m saying this like James did in high school the day after the episode of Deep Space Nine aired when Jadzia’s ex shows up and they kiss.

The Snowmen

Whoever said, “let’s put a mouth with teeth on that snowflake” was high as hell.

New opening, and they put Matt Smith’s face into the time vortex. So many bad decisions.

Also, why did Clara run after the Doctor. They had the most boring interaction. There was nothing there to entice a woman.

Also, why is the Doctor just hanging out in Victorian London?

That spiral staircase is rather rickety.

Why wouldn’t someone believe she’s a governess?

How does the word pond in any way relate to expressing how dangerous the pond actually is. The Doctor might hear the word pond and relate it to Amy, but that’s ridiculous.

I like Strax, but I wish they explained him a bit better, and also didn’t insult him by calling him a potato. Why are they so racist?

This is a fast changeover of TARDIS set.

It’s time to murder Clara.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from Doctor Who it’s that anyone can fall from an infinite height and not die. Unless you’re Tom Baker.

Wow, the Doctor is being so creepy.

Winter is coming!

Oh great, and now we have crying children.

Doctor Who Story 230 – The Angels Take Manhattan

More voiceovers.

They keep on saying Amy and Rory are older, but they don’t show it. They look exactly the same.

Is that the guy from Whose Line Is It Anyway and Office Space? Yes, yes it is. Mike McShane.

I hate everything about this episode. I miss Amy and Rory.

Doctor Who Story 229 – The Power of Three

So many voiceovers in Doctor Who. Too many voiceovers in Doctor Who. This terrible voiceover sounds like the intro to a “quirky” sitcom.

Chris Chibnall, you can do better.

Oh god! new clips… NOOOOOOOO! I thought we were done with that now that we’re done with Russell T. Davies.

And now Amy is a writer? Where did that come from?

Kate Stewart being head of UNIT is good.

Flickr! Remember Flickr?

Brian is always good.

Brian asks how he long Amy and Rory were travelling during their party. He then asks what happens to other companions. The Doctor informs him that some, very few, but some die. The Doctor also says “never them, never.” What makes Amy and Rory more important than Adric?

Oh god, the ending voiceover.

Doctor Who Story 228 – A Town Called Mercy

Oh god, it starts with a terrible voiceover with a terrible American accent.

So here’s a problem with the Doctor bringing his friends in once in a while, he is only calling on them when the stakes are high. So why did he bring in Amy and Rory to this episode? There’s no stakes, yet they just so happen to be with him. It makes no sense, and it also doesn’t help that this episode sucks.

This is much better of a plot than I remembered.

If it wasn’t a bad western, it might have been a decent episode. Also, I’m annoyed at the whole Amy and Rory not travelling with the Doctor and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Doctor Who Story 227 – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

I really don’t like this whole Doctor travelling on his own, and having buddies that he calls on.

I forgot I like Brian.

I haven’t seen the Jumanji movies, but I feel that this should have Jack Black in it.

Yup, I love Brian.

They should tie these pterodactyls to Torchwood.

I forgot Mitchell and Webb are in this.

I wanna ride a triceratops.

Brian staring down at Earth while siting out the door of the TARDIS is what I want.

Doctor Who Story 226 – Asylum of the Daleks

I feel like Moffat just throws ideas at the Doctor Who wall and thinks “that’s a good enough explanation.

Like why is Amy suddenly a model? Why is Amy separated from Rory? Why is Rory suddenly an asshole? Oh yeah, you’re never going to explain that.

Why are they playing Wizard of Oz music?

Why is Clara so bad at making soufflés? It’s not that hard.

I hate that they’re wasting the first episode on Clara. I want more Amy and Rory, and they’re about to leave the show.

So they didn’t talk for years? That’s why they split up? What fucking stupidity. Also, adoption is a thing. Also, you have a child.

I hate Clara’s story so much.

God damn! Oh look, we didn’t talk, and I kicked him out of my house, because I made stupid assumptions and now I’m letting him back in and we’re not going to actually talk about what we need to talk about.