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Hannah Georgas

TURF Day 3

Larry And His Flask It’s a good thing Larry was playing at Fort York, and Fort York was licensed for this event, if he was playing in Trinity-Bellwoods, he’d sure to be arrested. Larry And His Flask are all out, rocking country! They seem to be America’s answer to the Sadies. A bit messier, and bit more rock and roll than The Sadies, who are very polished in their mayhem. Their bass player was incredible. Dragging his upright bass across the stage as he danced around like a shirtless maniac. Hannah Georgas Never really knew her music. I’ve known of her for a long time. Singer/songwriter from Vancouver. She has a really… Read More »TURF Day 3

TURF Day 2

JD McPherson McPherson surprised me. When I entered the Fort York grounds I was greeted to some groovy rock and roll. A fabulous throw back to the 1950s. This was the perfect way to start the day. The songs were lively and no one seemed to mind the rain. Justin Townes Earle FUCK. I remember someone writing about him for Being There. I think it was Zayne or Russell, one of those awesome folks really liked Justin Townes Earle. I remember listening and really digging it, but never really searching, and I’m kicking myself for that now. His songs are great. His stage banter is hilarious. He really puts on… Read More »TURF Day 2

The Barr Brothers

TURF Day 1

The Barr Brothers: Your name confuses me. Remember The Barmitzvah Brothers? I do! I thought you were them. You are not. You were okay though. I enjoyed your set. It was a nice lazy set to open the festival with. You were enjoyable… bravo. Camera Obscura: You want to be Belle & Sebastian. All these years later, you still want to be Belle & Sebastian. You’re not Belle & Sebastian… BUT BELLE & SEBASTIAN WILL BE AT TURF LATER IN THE WEEK! OMG! OMG! OMG! You’re pleasant. You write nice songs. They’re not great, but they’re fun. Your bass player has a TARDIS sticker on his bass. I approve of… Read More »TURF Day 1