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Star Trek

Turnabout GIF

Another animated GIF, this time from the final Original Series episode “Turnabout Intruder.”

Carol Marcus

The Valkyrie Directive

For those who have seen the new Star Trek films, you’re aware of how poorly women are portrayed. As far as I can recall, we have Uhura, and… and… and… oh, there’s the green girl who Kirk bones, and Carol Marcus who seems to only be in the film to show her in her underwear. I was going to put that shot in my blog post. I decided it against it, and instead will feature a shot of the original Carol Marcus, a scientist, and mother, an ex-love, a human… Why I mention this is because The Valkyrie Directive is actually looking at women in Star Trek critically, and it’s… Read More »The Valkyrie Directive

Is There In Truth No Beauty

Watching original Star Trek. Not the best episode, but I had to make two more animated GIFs…

Curtis from Twitch City

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are fun to make. I’ve made a few over the past few months. First we have a clip from the brilliant CBC show Twitch City. Just before this clip, Hope shows Curtis what TV was like before the cats took over. He gets excited seeing human TV. I don’t remember why Fry turned into a centipede, but I enjoyed it enough to make an animated GIF. This might have been the first I made. My Twitter friend1 tweeted about how awesome Sulu’s shrug and smile is here, so I made her a GIF. Finally, I just made this one. This is the full Shatner! Read: Fake Friend [↩]

taH pagh taHbe’

Congratulations to Christopher Plummer on his Oscar. As good as you were in The Beginners, to me, you will always be General Chang.

Shit My Dad Says

Dear Mr. Shatner, Thank you for those three years you performed on a television series called Star Trek.  You helped bring to life on of the most important television franchises in human history, and a very important part of my life. You see I’m a geek, and us geeks are really fond of Star Trek. Though it’s camp, cheesy, and over the top, it’s a series that was an important part of my childhood. Whether it was the campy original or the more serious spinoff. Here you are now, in your old age, a retired Starfleet Captain1, who’s trying to (la)forge a relationship with his adult sons. Sure, I thought… Read More »Shit My Dad Says

Kirk/Spock/McCoy in Trek films

In an earlier post, I noted that the most essential aspect of Star Trek is the trinity of Kirk, Spock & McCoy. Those three are a simplistic reflection of one state of humanity; logic (Spock), emotion (McCoy) and the balance (Kirk). In Star Trek II, this is perfectly illustrated, and thus it makes for one of the best Star Trek films. Let’s look at the other five films in the series, and you’ll see their failure or success relies on this one aspect. Star Trek: The Motion Picture is not Star Trek, it’s Gene Roddenberry trying to serious science fiction and doing a mediocre job. The characters are just shadows… Read More »Kirk/Spock/McCoy in Trek films

The Holy Trinity

Tonight I went to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with my friend aL. The Paramount is showing a mini film festival of old films on the big screen. The sold out show was as wonderful as one can expect. Many in the crowd dressed up, we had a Klingon, someone in a First Contact-era uniform, an Enterprise-era uniform, an original series uniform and more. Geeks, in other words… I was among my own kind. Khan is generally considered by the whole world to be the best of the Star Trek films. I disagree, and put it at number two, but it’s still damn awesome. So for the… Read More »The Holy Trinity