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The Valkyrie Directive

Carol Marcus

For those who have seen the new Star Trek films, you’re aware of how poorly women are portrayed. As far as I can recall, we have Uhura, and… and… and… oh, there’s the green girl who Kirk bones, and Carol Marcus who seems to only be in the film to show her in her underwear. I was going to put that shot in my blog post. I decided it against it, and instead will feature a shot of the original Carol Marcus, a scientist, and mother, an ex-love, a human…

Carol Marcus

Why I mention this is because The Valkyrie Directive is actually looking at women in Star Trek critically, and it’s an interesting read. The author is doing a multi-post evaluation of costumes in Star Trek; from the mini-skirts of the original series to Troi’s cosmic-cheerleader outfits to the practical and sensical outfits of Deep Space Nine to Seven of Nine’s and T’Pal’s catsuits in Voyager and Enterprise

What’s interesting is that while the casting of Terry Ferrell and Nana Visitor isn’t all that different from the casting of the female cast of TNG, the way these women dress is drastically different.

Jadzia Dax

All I’m really saying is if you love Star Trek, and care about equality and all that, check out this tumblr.


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