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Recollection Volume 35 – Work Cut Out

Recollection is a project to review my record collection. I will listen to an album I own and review it. The album will be chosen randomly by computron. Today computron chooses… Album: Work Cut Out Artist: Sloan Released: 1998 Format(s) I own it on: CD Chris Murphy’s “Work Cut Out” was released on a CD to come free with Chart Magazine. To celebrate the release of Sloan’s Navy Blues, Chart released four separate covers, each featuring a different member of Sloan. The song itself is definitely the worst from the Navy Blues session. It never really made it beyond demo quality, but Sloan felt it was a good song to throw to Chart. The song is repetitive, and a… Read More »Recollection Volume 35 – Work Cut Out

O Canada

Not too long ago, a close friend of mine became a Canadian citizen. Today we celebrated that fact. I told her and her husband that I would provide the music for the party…   Blue In Yr Eye – Amy Millan Snowbird – Anne Murray Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) – The Arcade Fire The Power – Army Girls Sleepy Maggie – Ashley MacIsaac Tall Tall Shadow – Basia Bulat Two Girls From Montreal – The Bicycle Somebody Waits – Blue Rodeo Hasn’t Hit Me Yet – Blue Rodeo Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl – Broken Social Scene Lovers In A Dangerous Time – Bruce Cockburn Pop Goes the World – The Burning Hell Golden Baby – Cœur de pirate Claire – Cuff The Duke Sold… Read More »O Canada

Chris Murphy & Andrew Scott

NXNE Part 2: Sloan

I was surprised by a friend when she handed me two North By Northeast wristbands. I promptly started scouring the NXNE schedule, these are the stories. Sloan 14 June 2013, 11pm The Great Hall Peppermint. In 1992, Sloan came into existence and to prove this to the world, they self-released a six-song EP called Peppermint.It’s not the most popular of their releases, but contains an early version of their first hit, “Underwhelmed,” and two other songs which would later be released on their major label debut Smeared. Smeared and Peppermint go hand in hand; the two records are stylistically the same and bleed the heavy grunge that led record execs… Read More »NXNE Part 2: Sloan

Send someone to fetch us, we’re in saskatchewan

On Friday after work, Joseph, Helen, Emily and I all piled into Caroline (my car), and headed east along to 401. From Toronto to Ottawa. Since Ottawa is approximately five hours away (though that’s not counting rush hour traffic), I divided that in four, and we each had 75 minutes to fill with music. Each way… here’s my play list for going east. Movin’ Right Along – The Muppets Had to start with this as soon as I saw it. Nothing says “road trip” better than this song. Maybellene – Chuck Berry Catchy, popular, and a song about driving a car. Thought this to be appropriate. Doris Daytheearthstoodstill – Future… Read More »Send someone to fetch us, we’re in saskatchewan

Mix albums!

I recently reconnected with an old friend, from back in my high school days. We never went to school together, after all, she was, and still is far off in a foreign country. So I made Beth this mix, but I didn’t know what I might have sent her all those years ago, so I decided to limit myself to nothing older than 2000. I also didn’t know what she had been listening to since then, so I decided to limit the selection to Canadian music. “The Indie Queens Are Waiting” by Dan Mangan This is my favourite Dan Mangan song, and I’ve been on a bit of a kick… Read More »Mix albums!

Music Monday

The greatest Canadian show of all time, Rita & Friends.

April 2010, in review

In December, I set goals for myself, how many films to see this year, how many shows to attend, how many records to purchase, and how many books to read. This is the standings, as of the end of February… Books I read (6/10) – 60%: Nothing this month. Films I saw (32/52) – 61%: The Sweet Hereafter | Originally released 1997    Nine | Originally released 2009 The Runaways Sleeper | Originally released 1973 Albums I bought (24/52) – 46%: “My Father’s House” b/w “The Digger” (Regional 7″ Volume 2) by $100    What The Boat Gave The River by Mark Berube & The Patriotic Few    new EP by… Read More »April 2010, in review


Dear Mr. Pentland, Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Scott & Mr. Murphy, I hereby submit my resignation as a Sloan fan. The last time I saw your band was in 2008. The only reason I went to see you perform then was because I was in Halifax, and how can one turn down seeing Sloan at a hometown show? Also, how can one turn down seeing Sloan with slmader? It was a mediocre show, but much better than this one. This show, you opted to promote your new B-Sides release, a noble cause, and this even prompted you to perform two of your best songs, “At The Edge Of The Scene” and… Read More »Sloan