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Take This Waltz

Once again, Sarah Polley exhibits her uncanny ability to rip your heart right out of your ribcage and give it a thorough thrashing. Polley’s second film as director is a tale of a Margot (Michelle Williams) a woman who in Cape Breton mets Daniel (Luke Kirby). They get to know one another en route back to Toronto and opt to share a cab back to their homes. Turns out they’re neighbours in West Queen West, and while they quickly fall for one another, as Margot leaves the cab, she feels the need to inform Daniel that she’s married.

Her husband Lou (Seth Rogen) is a chef working on a cookbook, and invites his very Jewish family over to test out his recipes, and the audience meets his sister Geraldine (Sarah Silverman). A recovering alcoholic, wife, and mother, Geraldine is Margot’s closest confidant. She’s also an eagle-eyed friend and sees the trouble brewing before any other third party. Sadly, Margot and Daniel are falling in love.

Take This Waltz shows very human relationships as these characters struggle with communication issues, and struggle to find happiness in their lives. They don’t know where to go, and Margot doesn’t know how find her happiness. She goes looking for it in another man, but it only amplifies her own inner turmoil, but at least it brings it to the surface to be addressed.

The film is shot beautifully and shows Toronto in a fantastic light. The romantic pool scene between Daniel and Margot is shot so well, that you could watch hours of that footage without getting bored. As Margot and Daniel take the monorail at Lester B. Pearson International Airport, you’re just looking at pure beauty… at an airport. Polley, an accomplished actor, proves once again that her skills as a director is not limited to her work with her performers, but has an all-around skill that is so rewarding to the audience.

Besides a few geographical inconsistencies1 this film is absolutely fantastic. I cannot recommend this any more.

Now I think I’ll go watch her previous film Away From Her and cry some more.

  1. Someone can actually fall asleep on a flight between Montreal and Toronto? Really, you walk from West Queen West to Little Italy and only THEN get on the TTC? Going for a quick coffee in Kensington when there’s tons of coffee shops just west in Parkdale? []

#Rocktober 30 volume 07: 50/50

This month I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce.

A certain SOMEBODY cancelled on me last night. So instead of dinner with a friend, I made my way to the Carlton theatre where I saw 50/50. I was originally hoping to find some cinema showing Harry Potter 8, but sadly, it’s out of theatres and gone… I guess I have to wait until I download it.

Instead I opted for a film I had never heard of before, but it stars Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt, so why not. Why not?! Well, it’s depressing as hell. The films about a dude who gets cancer! Cancer!

So the film starts with Adam (played by Levitt) running, and his back hurts, and that’s what leads him to a doctor, who finds cancer. So even though the character and I share a name, there’s a few good signs there. I neither run, nor visit doctors, so I won’t get cancer.

It was depressing, but really good. It was a character drama, and well written. The grown man next to me in the theatre was balling, so be prepared.


The Green Hornet

I didn’t even know that the Michel Gondry directed Green Hornet had already made it to theatres, let alone playing in rep cinemas. So I was happy for the opportunity to see the film on the cheap. I’m generally fond of Michel Gondry films, and Seth Rogen films, I was curious how the two would mix.

I was pleasantly surprised. Gondry’s style works great for a superhero film, and the relationship between The Green Hornet and Kato was well constructed and fun to watch. Jay Chou and Seth Rogen were great in their roles, and even better were Christoph Waltz as the German baddy, and Edward James Olmos as the newspaper editor.

I don’t think this is a film that I’ll be going back to and watching often, but it was a fun romp.