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#Rocktober30 volume -01: Cougar Town

This month (well, officially next month) I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce.

Today was a day in bed. Ahh, bed, the best place in the world to be. Keeping me company was Courtney Cox and her sitcom Cougar Town. I had never seen the show, and never had any interested in it whatsoever, but the fictional character Abed’s obsession with the show got me interested. Wouldn’t hurt to download the first season and give it a chance.

If one is looking for a show similar to the humour of Community, the show that inspired my taste test, you’d be disappointed. While Community is clever and absurd, Cougar Town is silly and ridiculous.

What I didn’t realize when I was downloading it was that Bill Lawrence created the show. Lawrence is also known for his previous sitcom Scrubs and what is perhaps the best television show in human history, Clone High. Scrubs is the better comparison to Cougar Town, while Scrubs was more clever it shares a style of humour that links the shows easily. The most obvious is that Christa Miller (wife of Lawrence) plays the exact same character in both shows… and you can add Clone High to that list. Jordan, Ellie, and Cleopatra might as well be the same character, and it scares me to think what Lawrence’s home life must be like if he continues writing the same scary-woman role for his wife.

It’s not as funny as Scrubs, but it’s good. Cox’s character is a tad annoying… most of the time, but that’s the downfall of having a series centred around her.

I am looking forward to the second series finalé where Sam Lloyd apparently reprises his role as Ted Buckland.

#Rocktober30 volume -02

This month (well, officially next month) I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce.

Though October, and by extension #Rocktober30, don’t begin for another two days, I feel that my negative-second day of #Rocktober30 is worth noting.

First off, it’s erev Rosh Hashanah, and as such, when you work in a Jewish school, classes are dismissed at 11:30, and the school shuts down for the following two and a half days. What a wonderful way to begin #Rocktober30! I had promised my bro-in-law that I’d give him some nerd-help, but I had a couple hours to kill until I met him. I decided to head South to the Annex where  I dined at Japan Sushi. While in the Annex, I visited my new favourite record store, Sonic Boom1. While there, I purchased a few new records…

  1. Wilco – The Whole Love
  2. The Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams
  3. Elliott Brood – Days Into Years
Not a bad haul. I haven’t listened to any of them. What I have listened to a lot today are Wild Flag’s debut self-titled record, and 12 Desperate Straight Lines by Telekinesis. Both of those records are damn good, but the Telekinesis record just gets me. It might just be “Gotta Get It Right Now” that really does it, but I really love the whole record. I should’ve listened to Mari when she first told me about Telekinesis.

From my brother-in-law’s/sister’s/brother’s/zaida’s we piled into my car and went to my parents’ place, and ate a hearty meal that would make by bubie proud. After that I hopped back in my car and drove from Thornhill to the west-end of Toronto, and popped into a crowded and small bar called Holy Oak where Valery Gore was performing for the first time in what seems like forever.

She was performing all new songs, and I’d like to say I can comment on the quality of the songs, but the sound quality was so poor, that I cannot give any worthwhile feedback. I can say that a vocal/piano cover of “She’s A Jar” by Wilco is… different.

  1. This only became my favourite because Criminal Records closed down. []


I’m looking to make October the best month, ever. Seeing as I turn 30 that month, I plan to do something awesome every day of the month. Whether it’s a concert, like WILD-MOTHERFUCKIN’-FLAG! Or just hangouts with friends watching a DVD. I’ve been compiling a list of things I will be doing. There’s still too many TBDs.

1: Montreal Roadtrip!
2: Montreal Roadtrip!
3: Dinner at The Nick with Watcom!
4: Hangouts with Emily.
5: Jonathan Richman
6: Entire Cities
8: The Cheap Speakers
9: TBD
10: TBD (Thanksgiving. NO WORK!)
11: Wild-fucking-Flag
12: TBD
13: TBD (Sukot. NO WORK!)
14: Different Skeletons & TekSavvy Install (Sukot. NO WORK!)
15: TBD
16: Condo Party & Dum Dum Girls
17: COCKTOBER! Dirty Bingo group trip!
18: TBD
19: TBD
20: Royal Wood @ Rivoli (Cocktober!) (Sukot. NO WORK!)
21: TBD (Shmini Atzeret. NO WORK!)
22: Cottage reunion dinner
23: TBD
24: TBD
25: Hangouts with V, H&G
26: Drinky, drinky with everyone at The Old Nick (may also be referred to as The Old @tapesonthefloor)
27: TBD
28: Dan, the man, Mangan
29: Family dinner
30: Toronto Indie Blogger Brunch
31: TBD