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I’m looking to make October the best month, ever. Seeing as I turn 30 that month, I plan to do something awesome every day of the month. Whether it’s a concert, like WILD-MOTHERFUCKIN’-FLAG! Or just hangouts with friends watching a DVD. I’ve been compiling a list of things I will be doing. There’s still too many TBDs.

1: Montreal Roadtrip!
2: Montreal Roadtrip!
3: Dinner at The Nick with Watcom!
4: Hangouts with Emily.
5: Jonathan Richman
6: Entire Cities
8: The Cheap Speakers
9: TBD
10: TBD (Thanksgiving. NO WORK!)
11: Wild-fucking-Flag
12: TBD
13: TBD (Sukot. NO WORK!)
14: Different Skeletons & TekSavvy Install (Sukot. NO WORK!)
15: TBD
16: Condo Party & Dum Dum Girls
17: COCKTOBER! Dirty Bingo group trip!
18: TBD
19: TBD
20: Royal Wood @ Rivoli (Cocktober!) (Sukot. NO WORK!)
21: TBD (Shmini Atzeret. NO WORK!)
22: Cottage reunion dinner
23: TBD
24: TBD
25: Hangouts with V, H&G
26: Drinky, drinky with everyone at The Old Nick (may also be referred to as The Old @tapesonthefloor)
27: TBD
28: Dan, the man, Mangan
29: Family dinner
30: Toronto Indie Blogger Brunch
31: TBD

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